Immigrants see the way to the USA in the Turkish passport

Immigrants see the way to the USA in the Turkish passport
14 September 2020

Citizens of Asian countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India and China are flocking to Turkish passports to get to the United States. Immigrants who do not permanently settle in Turkey use their Turkish passport for the right of passage to the United States.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the data of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in 2020, the number of immigrants in the world has reached 272 million. While the country hosting the highest number of immigrants in the world is the USA, India comes first in the ranking of the country with the highest number of immigrants. The USA also draws attention with its policy of accepting immigrants. The USA, which gives priority to people who will add value to the country, does not accept applications from countries such as India and Brazil, which do not have a mutual trade agreement with the United States, for the E2 investor visa. Stating that this situation encouraged immigrants to take citizenship from different countries, US-based consulting firm Mina International Consulting Manager Nermin Aldemir said, “The fact that citizenship procedures are quick and easy in our country makes it attractive for immigrants to come to Turkey and then move to the United States through Turkish citizenship.”

"The USA accepts immigrants who will contribute to the economy of the country first"

Stating that most of the immigrants want to settle in the USA and improve their living conditions, Mina International Consulting Manager Nermin Aldemir said, “Although the USA is the country that receives the most immigration, it will primarily contribute to the country's economy by going through various restrictions in immigration laws, it will add value to the country by working, has certain criteria. accepts immigrants in the first place. The most preferred immigration applications by the country's immigration authorities appear to be applications for permanent residence (Green Card), which are called EB-1 (first choice) and EB-2 (second preferred) visa. These visa categories are approved by the proof of the existence of criteria set by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, such as the applicant's education and work experience, and allow the applicant to obtain a Green Card without the need for any investment. Instead of irregular immigrants trying to enter the country illegally or immigrants that will put a burden on the country's economy; priority is given to immigrants with certain qualifications.”

"Citizens of countries without trade agreements cannot apply for E2 investor visa"

Underlining that citizens of countries that do not have a commercial agreement with the USA cannot apply for the E2 investor visa in the temporary visa category in the USA, Nermin Aldemir said, “For this reason, citizens of countries such as India and Brazil that do not have a mutual commercial agreement with America, first apply for the citizenship of a country that has a mutual commercial agreement with America. can apply for an investor visa in the United States through the citizenship they have earned after they are eligible. On the other hand, Indian and Chinese citizens who have applied for the American EB-1 and EB-2 visas and obtained the 'Green Card' are held for as long as 10 years due to the large number of applications from their countries. Those who do not want to wait that long are looking for ways to go to the USA through the citizenship of other countries. In this case, the gain Turkish citizenship before coming to Turkey, after Turkish citizenship is becoming more attractive to switch over E2 investor visa.”

"Turkey is the golden key of the door to dreams of immigrants"

Nermin Aldemir stated that a significant increase has been observed in the number of houses sold to foreigners and Turkish citizenship applications with the granting of citizenship rights to foreigners who buy housing for 250 thousand dollars within the scope of the regulation made in the Citizenship Law in 2018, and said, “One of the main reasons why Turkish citizenship has become so popular recently The investment amount reduced from $ 250,000 to $ 250,000, the ability to get citizenship quickly without the requirement of a certain period of residence, the right to enter many countries without a visa, and the ability to apply for a visa to America. Turkey, in a sense, is situated in the golden key of the door to dreams of immigrants.”

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