Travelling Millionaire's September update launched

Travelling Millionaire's September update launched
12 September 2020

The first autumn update of Travelling Millionaire brings many rewards for players.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Travelling Millionaire, one of Turkey's popular strategy games, says hello to autumn with an update. Players favorite events come with increased rewards this time around. With this update, Travelling Millionaire adds the Card Collection Event that will allow players to gain powerful characters and 2 new powerful S + characters to the game. To earn S + Lion or S + Ace, all players have to do is collect A Lion's Crown I / II / III / IV cards and trade them for S + Lion or S + Prime. For the cards or cards obtained during the event and those that are not exchanged, 300 diamonds will also be earned.

Update Sequential Victory, Colorful Victory and Touristic Victory and Play Win awards have also been renewed. All players who finish the game with Sequential Victory, Colorful Victory, and Touristic Victory will receive the S + Popular Card Pack. In addition to the Premium Card Package, which can be won by playing games 3 times a day, 5/5 and 10/10 events special to this update have also been added to the game. Accordingly, players who have won the Premium Card Package when 3 games and 5 games are played will be able to get 50 Diamonds when 10 games are played.

Other events that will be open during the update are as follows:

- Secret Gold and Diamond Event: Players will earn extra Gold and Diamonds with the event that will be open every Wednesday at 22:30 and 00:30 on all maps between September 11 and October 16.

-Space Travel: In the event, which will be open throughout the update, players can choose any planet from the map and travel and receive rewards.

- Diamond Cube Event: Players who enter the game during the update will earn Diamond Cubes.

-Shop Bonuses: Exclusive to the update, the bonuses of the Diamond Packs have also been increased.