Home workers to be monitored remotely

Home workers to be monitored remotely
12 August 2020

The second wave, which came to the fore with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in recent days, brought the remote working model back to the agenda of companies. While the private sector is concerned about the potential loss of performance, employees are worried that their performance is not well understood. The eyes are on the personnel monitoring and tracking software that performs performance analysis by calculating the active working hours of the employees.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Some companies have taken to the agenda to make the remote working model permanent with the pandemic process. Companies with performance concerns wanted to return to their offices. But the recent increase in the number of cases has strengthened the second-wave scenario, according to experts. While the vital importance of social isolation was once again felt, companies prepared to take the remote work model back on the agenda turned to innovative tools for business monitoring and control. Turan Can, General Manager of staff monitoring and tracking software DeskGate, said: “Social isolation does not mean disruption of jobs or loss of performance. Even if the second wave of the pandemic comes, it is possible to keep the efficiency of working with technology under control.”

Active working hours are calculated with the software

Stating that by installing the personnel monitoring and tracking system software on the employees' computers, managers can be in direct contact with employees through a single panel and thus, the balance of trust of both employees and managers in the current workflow can be maintained, Turan Can said, “With today's technology, we can move the manager - staff relationship in a physical office environment to a digital environment. It is possible to monitor user screens in real time from the management panel in the system we offer, to determine input and output times with the computer opening-closing Times report, to see how much time is spent on work related websites and programs, and to analyze active working hours based on minutes. The main objective here is to make managers ' control mechanisms based on healthy foundations and to enable employees in companies that have switched to a remote working model to be evaluated by their managers with data-driven and more importantly, objective outputs.”

Remote workers will be able to prove how much they work from home

Referring to the concerns of not only companies but also employees about the remote working model, Turan Can said: “The concerns of senior executives in companies regarding the remote working model are based on the idea that control mechanisms will be weakened. The employees think that the effort and effort they put into their jobs will not be understood enough. At DeskGate, we offer a solution that enables remote employees to evaluate their business processes with many options such as productivity monitoring, detailed reports and remote connection. In this way, we can measure the employee's commitment to the task during the day, helping them both work peacefully in their own homes and helping companies focus on staying healthy with peace of mind.”

In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data

Stating that the most common problem they receive regarding personal tracking software is for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law (GDPR), Turan Can said, “GDPR includes laws for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, and in this context, guides the way it can function. The personnel monitoring and tracking software, which the companies that have recently switched to the home-working model for the need to see how long the employees work on the remote connection and which software, are completely compatible with the GDPR regulation. Here, the most important responsibility of companies is that they keep their data records in the central office in accordance with the GDPR.”

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