Türkiye, Blockchain Temelli Dijital Finans Merkezi Olmaya Aday!​

Türkiye, Blockchain Temelli Dijital Finans Merkezi Olmaya Aday!​
26 October 2018

Turkey, the Blockcha Based Digital Finance Center To Be Nominated!

Aims to ensure the implementation of financial technology in the emerging economies Blockcha-based Miller Unity Foundation, he visited Turkey after Brazil. In order to minimize the fluctuations in existing crypto currencies with the crypto currency that Mile Unity offers, the International Monetary Fund's IMF's a virtual money iyle draws attention with its SDR-indexed structure.

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Over the last few years many new projects have been developed for blockchain and cross-border financial technologies. seen as an important breaking point in the history of the world was established to increase the use of these technologies in the real economy, South Korea-based Miller Unity Foundation visited Turkey. Mile Unity Foundation Board Member George Goognin, member of the Board of Directors of Blockchain Technology for Emerging Economies in Emerging Economies, said, Yönetim In addition to scaling, Mile Unity, the third generation blockchain protocol that exceeds the processing speed problem, is the target of our country. by providing functionality to the inter-country finance technologies.

Mile Unity Foundation Board Member George Goognin stated that they aim to provide equal access to the next generation of financial instruments. Yönetim A blockchain infrastructure that is far from the decentralized and slow process problem was not available until recently. For example, blockchain applications such as Bitshares, EOS and Ripple are managed centrally and by a small number of people. In contrast, the Mile Unity blockchain is the world's first decentralized 3rd generation blockchain technology, with 10,000 control network points (masternodes) that have equal rights, guaranteeing security, and the world's first decentralized operation. Thanks to this infrastructure, we provide free money transfer through our own algorithm in countries that do not have any money transfer service between countries through financial instruments.

In September, Brazil Chamber of Commerce with blockcha the technology of the field of finance signed a cooperation package to improve the use of Miller Unity Foundation, Turkey Representative Murat in Turkey with Kocak's participation was met with a large number of institutions. Mile Unity, which informs public and financial institutions about the society, especially on the benefits of Blockchain in developing economies, said that last week; Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Travel Agencies Union, the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board, Association of Turkish American Businessmen, Rotary Club, Knowledge Commercialization Center and held meetings with the University. They met representatives of all institutions, blockcha and stating that it has a high level of awareness about financial technologies GOOG, "candidate to become digital financial center with advanced infrastructure and geographical location Turkey. In order to develop this, we will sign a cooperation with the institutions we have discussed recently. In the first phase, we will offer Turkish accelerators and technology training companies free-of-charge open-source technologies and materials that they can access to the Mile Unity blockchain protocol for their projects. In addition, some pilot with cross-border trade transactions in Turkey perform trade, technology, tourism and show what they can do with new technologies in the field of education, "he said.

The crypto currency, which provides the fast and free money transfer offered by the Mile Unity Foundation, is being indexed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the international reserve unit SDR (Special Drawing Rights), which is being used by the IMF for a more stable value. . SDR, also known as the IMF's 'virtual currency', is determined by the US dollar at 41.73%, the Euro 30.93%, the Chinese Yuan 10.92%, the Japanese Yen 8.33%, the pound at 8.09%. 

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