Press release distribution in China

Offering a comprehensive press release distribution service with its experienced editors, Online PR Agency B2Press allows you to reach your target audience in China, the world's most populous country. Writing press releases both in simplified and traditional Chinese, you can put your brand at the forefront of China's substantial media through its press release distribution and reporting services.

The sources people use to access the news and the usage rates of these resources vary from region to region. Statista, which presents the data it gathers from research institutes on its online platform, analyzed the sources which citizens in China use to access the news. According to the analysis, 86% of the citizens in China access news through online channels. Online channels are followed by television channels with a rate of 74%. Compared to other sources, newspapers are less preferred with a rate of 19%. While China has an incredibly rich and diverse online media, it also has the largest social media platforms in the world. The data also provides information about general trust in media sources in China, the country with the highest internet penetration in the world. According to the data, 77% of the Chinese people trust the news.


General information

 Top 3 Newspapers

 Top 3 News Sites

Capital City: Beijing

Reference News

Official Language: Chinese

People’s Daily

Population: 1.5 billion

The Global Times


China’s Digital Rise

Desktop computers, which were an important source of news with the internet before smartphones entered our lives, are no longer used as much as they used to be. According to data from the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), China has the world’s largest internet-using population with over 829 million daily users. Around 26.7% of the online population live in rural areas. CNNIC also says 98.6% of China’s online population can access the internet via a smartphone. When traditional media is examined, China aims to expand its political influence and increase its image by spending heavily on TV, radio, online and press organizations targeting international audiences. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter continue to dominate the Western world, while many new social media platforms are emerging in China (Weibo, Tencent, WeChat, Qzone). Video-sharing platforms like Douyin and online shopping sites like Xiaohongshu are standing out as an example.

Let China Know You Through B2Press

Working with brands from many different sectors, Online PR agency B2Press offers an advantageous service within the scope of PR packages that include press release writing, distributing and reporting. B2Press offers a strategic approach in line with the goals you want to reach, with its expert team that knows the key points of press release distribution abroad. So how does B2Press work?

  • In the first stage, B2Press develops your content and writes your press release in Chinese in line with the brief that you share. It writes and distributes both traditional and simplified Chinese press releases in the country.
  • B2Press writes your press release in accordance with SEO algorithms so that you can stand out in online channels, thus helping you to increase your brand awareness by ensuring that your brand is in the top ranks in the search results.
  • B2Press localizes your press release, which it translates in Chinese and English, into local languages. In this way, B2Press helps you make an effective impact on your target audience.
  • B2Press distributes your press releases via Interfaks, one of the leading news agencies in China.
  • Following the distribution of the press release, B2Press prepares detailed reports so that you can examine your coverage in online and print media.




Content for Impact
Content for Impact
Press release content is created by a team of experts with knowledge about the targeted countries’ local dynamics and by considering newsworthiness. The contents are also checked by senior editors.
Localization Capabilities
Localization Capabilities
Arabic, French or Japanese? We got you covered! B2Press online PR agency creates press release content in the languages of the targeted countries. Colloquial expressions, terms and idioms are incorporated by translators.
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
B2Press provides weekly and monthly reports following distribution of the press release so that you can measure its impact. Advanced search in local search engines provides helpful insights and data for your next press release.
Strong Distribution Network
Strong Distribution Network
Press releases are serviced to lists of journalists, segmented according to their interests as well as through news agencies in the targeted countries.
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
And these are not all when it comes to digital PR services. International press release distribution also enables you to reach your target audience, investors and prospective customers. Are you ready to make your mark with your brand through 60 news agencies and 300 thousand journalists in over 20 countries?
Economical Solution
Economical Solution
Online PR agency B2Press provides all the services you have come to expect from traditional PR agencies with a “pay as you go” pricing structure that eliminates monthly retainers. B2Press offers an end-to-end solution by managing the press release copy writing, distribution and reporting processes.
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