Turkish educator to become the first official International Pearson BTEC Ambassador

Turkish educator to become the first official International Pearson BTEC Ambassador
14 October 2020

Pearson, the world's leading education company, honored Sevinç Atabay, General Manager of the Turkish Education Association (TED), as the first International Ambassador of BTEC (Business Technology and Education Council).

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ISTANBUL (TR) - BTEC vocational qualification programs began to be implemented at TED Ankara College Foundation Private Secondary School and High School under the leadership of Sevinç Atabay in 2015 for the first time at the level of K-12 educational institutions in Turkey. After the pilot application, again with the follow-up of Sevinç Atabay, approval was obtained from the TC Ministry of National Education and was included as an elective course in the weekly course schedule. After the past five years, BTEC programs are now offered to all students studying at TED schools.

BTEC Programs Are Accepted Internationally

Around 1 million students in 70 countries around the world study in BTEC Programs. Recognized by governmental organizations and international companies, BTEC Programs help individuals who aim to progress in their education in accordance with the conditions of the age and to pursue a career in a field suitable for their abilities with the qualified professional qualification opportunities and resources offered.

As professional roles and needs are constantly changing and transforming, the focus and attention of sectors and employers; skills such as flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking and innovation remain. In line with these needs, BTEC takes a modular, practical skills-based and student-centered approach that guides students on their career path and enables them to acquire up-to-date industry knowledge, transferable skills and behaviors necessary for entry into business or higher education in prestigious educational institutions around the world.

Accepted Achievements in Vocational Education

Sevinç Atabay expressed her views on her new international mission in the field of education as follows: “On behalf of my country, I am proud to be Pearson's first BTEC International Ambassador. I have been an educator for 40 years and have held many national and international posts. My aim is to improve the competence of the students through vocational education and training based on my experience. In 2015, at TED Ankara College, I decided to include the BTEC qualifications and skills in the school's current academic program in order to offer vocational training to prepare students for business life or higher education in international educational institutions. I believe that this is an innovative model that can be similar in our region and internationally. This model enables young people and adults to specialize in every stage of their educational journey, gain technical knowledge and gain internationally recognized accreditation and certificates.”

BTEC in Turkey

Qualifications at TED Schools are divided into three levels: BTEC International Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Extended Diploma in leading fields such as Arts and Design, Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Sports, Marketing and Performing Arts. Students who complete the BTEC Qualification Program are entitled to receive a professional certificate equivalent to an internationally recognized award, certificate and diploma.

Cindy Rampersaud, Senior Vice President of BTEC programs at Pearson, shared her views and said, “In addition to her pioneering work and achievements in technical and vocational education in Turkey, TED schools have adopted international standards in their vocational curriculum using BTEC qualifications. We are pleased to appoint Atabay as our first BTEC International Ambassador. Apply extensive experience and expertise in the field of vocational education at the international level, in the lives of adults and young people to make progress, to adapt to changes in the business world and to contribute to economic and social growth guidance and we thank you in advance for their contributions Atabay would do.” Sinan Kezer, Pearson Turkey Country Manager said, “TED schools is an educational institution that has always been a pioneer in such matters, where BTEC qualification programs are given to students who are valued in academia and business and give them professional competencies appropriate to their future careers. As Pearson Turkey, we feel privileged that we will travel with Sevinç Atabay to deliver BTECs to young people and adults in and around Turkey.”