A brand new card from that will make things easier for artisans and SMEs: Tam Faktoring Papara Card

A brand new card from that will make things easier for artisans and SMEs: Tam Faktoring Papara Card
13 October 2020

Tam Faktoring introduced the first prepaid loyalty card in the factoring sector to make life easier for artisans and SMEs.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Tam Faktoring, one of the leading companies in the factoring sector, announced that it has developed the First Prepaid Loyalty Card in the factoring sector, adding another one to its products that will facilitate the life of artisans and SMEs, which are the locomotives of the economy.

Tam Faktoring Papara Card, which Tam Faktoring has implemented together with Papara, the leading electronic money company, has been specially developed for the customer portfolio of Tam Faktoring, which has reached 100 thousand and consists mainly of artisans and SMEs. The Tam Faktoring Papara Card was introduced as a prepaid loyalty card to be owned free of charge and without any dues. With Tam Faktoring Papara Card, Tam Faktoring customers enjoy all the advantages Papara Card offers to its users; In the upcoming period, they will also benefit from the special offers and advantages offered to them.

"It will make the lives of our artisans and SMEs easier"

Tam Faktoring and Papara Card managers made statements regarding the important cooperation that will facilitate the work of SMEs.

Tam Faktoring CEO Hakan Karamanlı said in his statement: “As Tam Faktoring, we have an important customer base, the majority of which are artisans and SMEs, reaching 100 thousand. We constantly analyze and try to understand the needs and expectations of our customers. At the point we came from; as a financial institution with a significant portfolio, we want to open the doors to a world of advantages for our customers. For this, we cooperated with Papara, one of the leading companies in its sector. We have developed the Tam Faktoring Papara Card as a prepaid loyalty card that our customers can always carry in their pockets and have MasterCard assurance. All customers of Tam Faktoring will be able to have this card and benefit from its advantages. We wish to benefit our customers from all the campaigns and advantages we will implement in the coming period. Our innovative and alternative services that will facilitate the lives of our artisans and SMEs will continue. We positioned the Tam Faktoring Papara Card as an important tool that will enable our customers to benefit from value added services. We wholeheartedly believe that the cooperation of Tam Faktoring and Papara will add value to the sector and our customers.”

"We offer a profitable financial experience"

Ahmed Faruk Karslı, Founder and CEO of Papara, Turkey's high-tech enterprise with a highest volume of financial transaction said “Papara, where all financial transactions carried out freely, is a financial technology provider with user-oriented solutions. Users can perform their transactions 24/7 for free and instantly, without time limitation at Papara. We want artisans and SMEs to benefit from these advantages with our cooperation with Tam Faktoring. With Tam Faktoring Papara Card, all customers will have a profitable financial experience.”

Free and lifetime fee-free

Being a Tam Faktoring customer is enough to have a Tam Faktoring Papara Card.

Tam Faktoring customers, consisting mainly of SMEs and artisans, will be able to easily obtain their cards from 37 Tam Faktoring branches operating in 24 provinces throughout Turkey as a free member of the mobile application “Tam’a Sor” or only by requesting from the Tam Faktoring call center number. Tam Faktoring Papara Card is totally free and also free of lifetime dues.

Tam Faktoring Papara Card advantages are listed as follows:

  • Free and lifetime free usage
  • Advantages and campaigns offered by Tam Faktoring to its customers
  • Advantages of Papara Card
  • 24/7 free and instant money transfer
  • Possibility to withdraw and deposit money from all ATMs
  • Deposit, withdrawal and money transfer with a secure method at home and abroad
  • Ease of performing all eft / remittance and factoring transactions without IBAN