An era of not buying gifts for our loved ones, but leaving the choice to them

An era of not buying gifts for our loved ones, but leaving the choice to them
01 October 2020

Consumption habits and fashion are changing rapidly, the variety of products is gradually increasing. This situation, which also affects gift choices, puts personal accessories such as watches and glasses into the critical choices. Tolga Arıkan, Deputy General Manager of Konyalı Saat, said, “It's the era of leaving the gift selection to our loved ones.”


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ISTANBUL (TR) - The technology, which is gaining a new dimension every day, eliminates the boundaries, especially in the areas of design and production. Thus, while product diversity increases, fashion trends and personal tastes are changing rapidly. This makes it difficult for those who want to buy gifts for their loved ones to choose, while various personal accessories such as glasses and watches are classified as risky gifts. Tolga Arikan, Deputy General Manager of Konyalı Saat, one of Turkey's leading watch distributors, stated that it is possible to make it enjoyable for both sides and said, “It is the responsibility of every sector that wants to read the needs of the age correctly and stay afloat. We have gone to this situation, which we have experienced closely, to gain a new perspective by launching a gift card application. Because it's time to leave the choice of gifts to our loved ones.”

"Offering freedom of choice has become much more valuable"

Expressing that today's diversity in designs makes it difficult to choose a gift that is exactly suitable for one's taste, Konyalı Saat Deputy General Manager Tolga Arıkan said, “Birthday, wedding anniversary, mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day, we receive dozens of gifts to our loved ones a year and request a change card more often than before. Especially we want the gifts we receive for our loved ones to carry on them to be used with appreciation and love. At this point, as Konyalı Saat, we wanted to offer a solution to the dilemmas in the selection of watches, glasses and other personal accessories that we often encounter in the clothing sector by implementing the gift card application in our sector. With gift cards that we have started to offer as of September, we allow people to leave their choice to their loved ones by taking a gift card in the amount appropriate to their budget from our physical and online stores. Because we see that freedom of choice has become much more valuable in gifts, as in many areas. The positive returns we have received in a short time are also happy to show that we are on the right track and refresh our inspiration.”

Online gift consultancy is provided

Tolga Arıkan stated that the online sales, which increased especially during the pandemic period, gave important messages that the sector should be digitized and that they took a new step in this sense. Arıkan said, “In the pandemic process, we have seen that having a digital identity is no longer an option, but a necessity that will save the future of industries. We, as Konyalı Saat, have taken an important step with this awareness and have implemented an online gift consulting service that will remotely help those who are looking for gifts for their loved ones to receive the most appropriate products for the person they want to buy gifts at the most affordable prices for their budget. In this way, we have created a digital store experience where our customers can get ideas, review and evaluate products online without coming to the stores. With such steps, our goal is to transform not only Konyalı Saat, but also watch retailing with our team and business partners in both physical and digital media.”

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