4th Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair opens its doors online

4th Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair opens its doors online
01 October 2020

Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair, the first and only industrial fair of the Thrace Region, will be held online this year. The virtual stands to be opened at the fair, which will be held for the fourth time this year, can be visited 24 hours a day for 3 days.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The 4th Online Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair, which will be organized in cooperation with Cerkezkoy Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO) and Thrace Development Agency, will be held between 6-7-8 October 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, live sessions will be held between 10:00 and 17:00 at the fair, which will be held free of charge this year in virtual environment. During the sessions, important names of the ecosystem will make speeches and presentations. Virtual stands to be opened by companies at the fair will be open to visitors 24 hours a day for 3 days. At the fair, which will be conducted under the supervision of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB); many companies from iron and steel, machinery, electrical and electronics, mechanics, construction and building materials, technology and software, health, textile and apparel, automotive, chemical, plastic and food sectors will open stands. Virtual stands will be open to visitors 24 hours a day.

Kozuva: Our goal with the online fair is to establish a common communication network

Talking about the online fair, CTSO President Süleyman Kozuva said “We are proud and pleased to participate in the digital platform in the new world order with our Online Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair and to share this experience with our exhibitors and visitors. With the online fair, our biggest goal is that our companies in our region know each other, cooperate and establish a common communication network. We know that being together means being strong since the day we were founded. The fact that our SMEs and world-famous companies are among us is the result of this synergy we have created. This success is the success of the Cerkezkoy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Thrace Development Agency, our members, our staff, our institutions that do not spare their support, in short, everyone who takes responsibility for our region. I sincerely thank everyone. May our Online Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair be good to all of us.”

Şahin: Physical fairs must be digitalized to survive

Thrace Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Şahin stated that they, as their agency, pioneered the participation and organization of fairs that will increase the capacity of the region's industry, improve its trade and exports, and said, “Cerkezkoy, Corlu, Ergene, Kapaklı districts are close to the European Union and Istanbul markets due to their geographical location. with many business lines such as textile, electrical-electronics and metal. It is our greatest wish that our companies in this wide range come together to create synergy and contribute to the development of the industry in the region. With Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair, which was held for the third time last year, it is aimed that small and medium-sized SMEs in the region cooperate with large-scale companies and that large companies get to know the sub-industry sectors in the region, thus creating a regional supply chain.”

Şahin continued as follows; "The Covid-19 pandemic also affected our country and the Thrace Region. While continuing in the flow of life, it was unthinkable to close the doors of an organization like Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair. For this, as Thrace Development Agency and Cerkezköy TSO, we decided to organize CEF on a virtual platform this year. Virtual fair solutions should be considered as an option that can be turned into an advantage in these adverse economic conditions. Today, companies pay millions of liras for data. In virtual fairs, 10 times of this data is obtained. Therefore, physical fairs need to be more digitalized in order to survive and expand the market. In this way, companies can increase their trade volume 2-3 times more than physical fairs. We also think that CEF will benefit more from these advantages by moving to the virtual platform. We hope that the Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair will grow further with national and international participation in the coming years, and we wish all our participating companies to bring good luck and profits.”

Participating companies will be offered many opportunities

4. Online EEF will enable participating companies to follow innovations and developments in the sector, to meet with different companies in the business field, to meet new people for possible business opportunities and to expand the business network. Participants will provide the opportunity to improve their sectoral knowledge, strengthen the customer relations network and strengthen brand awareness. It will also be the focal point for innovative companies to reach their target markets. It will also offer various opportunities for companies to create a regional supply chain and to be a part of this chain.

The technical infrastructure of the online fair was set up by the virtual fair platform Focus On Event (Foevent). Information can be obtained from 0 282 726 8888 (Ext: 160) for participation in the fair. Registration to the fair can be done at

Thrace's first and only industrial fair

Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair has been organized since 2017. Being the first and only industrial fair in the Thrace Region, the fair brings companies from different sectors together. Providing opportunities for small and common-scale (SME) companies in the region to cooperate with large-scale companies, CEF also creates an efficient environment for large companies to get to know the sub-industry sectors in the region.