"Artificial intelligence cannot replace architects"

29 September 2020

Architect Şerif Soğukbulak explained the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, which is becoming widespread in architectural practices. Soğukbulak said that artificial intelligence can be a helpful hand, but cannot replace architects.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Architect Şerif Soğukbulak, the founder of Artstyle Architecture, evaluated the development of artificial intelligence and architectural practices. Stating that artificial intelligence can never replace architects, Soğukbulak said, “Artificial intelligence can act as a bridge between interior designer and customer. It can give an idea to both of them. With artificial intelligence, you can visualize the design that the customer wants to see. But this does not mean that artificial intelligence will replace architects in the future.” 

Young architect Şerif Soğukbulak made evaluations about the use of artificial intelligence in interior architecture and smart home designs and said, “Artificial intelligence, known as the “machine intelligence”, has begun to enter all areas of life. Interior architecture and architectural design have also started to benefit from artificial intelligence. Research reveals that artificial intelligence will be much more effective in the interior architecture by 2025. Artificial intelligence has great potential for further development of interior architectural design. It guides the interior architect by evaluating the information received from the customer. In this way, it is possible to combine the demands of the customer with the visualization of the designer. It offers unique opportunities to create a synergy between customer and designer and fills the gaps between the two parties.”

"You can set up decoration details with artificial intelligence"

Noting that interior architects can benefit from artificial intelligence in trendy colours, patterns and styles, Şerif Soğukbulak said, “Professional designers are those who know the design rules and techniques best. Mistakenly artificial intelligence, virtual reality or the applications are believed to be so. Supporting interior architects of all levels, these applications add a new vision to interior designers. For example, we make several evaluations with a customer who comes to us about the design they want. We meet again and again until the design is completed and put forward our ideas. Therefore, the process can be prolonged. In addition, errors can occur due to manual design practices and incorrect communication. However, it is possible to construct the needs of your customers ideally with artificial intelligence. In modelling, you can construct many details in the decoration, from lighting to the decor of the furniture, using artificial intelligence. By combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality techniques, it is possible to create the most suitable 3D model of the interiors.”

"Artificial intelligence is unable to understand the customer"

“Interior architecture is directly linked to communication and interaction with the customer. Seeing and understanding the customer is not something artificial intelligence can do. Only interior designer or designer can do this. Therefore, artificial intelligence can never replace architects; but it can definitely be a helpful hand for the industry.” Young architect Soğukbulak shared his thoughts on the topic, “Interior design with manual tools is an essential skill. You can upgrade this skill using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can act as a bridge between the designer and the customer. It can give an idea to both sides. With artificial intelligence, you can visualize the design that the customer wants to see. But this does not mean that artificial intelligence will replace architects in the future.”

"Smart home designs will maximize comfort"

Stating that artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in smart home designs, Şerif Soğukbulak said, “Artificial intelligence applications can develop systems suitable for customer profile and aesthetics in smart home designs. Smart home designs are further developing with algorithms that calculate the most ideal system for the customer. We will see artificial intelligence-based smart home systems in future interior designs. Intelligent solutions will further increase indoor comfort. Every detail in an interior, from the TV disposition to the lighting in the bedroom, will be developed by smart systems or artificial intelligence algorithms in accordance with the needs of the human being. For this reason, artificial intelligence and smart home designs offer important opportunities for interior designers.”

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