Packaging company exported to the UK from Bağcılar with e-export platform

Packaging company exported to the UK from Bağcılar with e-export platform
09 September 2020

The Turkish packaging sector exports to 200 different countries of the world from the United States to China, the United Kingdom to Germany. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, more than 2.4 billion dollars of packaging exports took place in the first 6 months of 2020 with the contribution of e-export platforms.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey, one of the major players in the global packaging sector, is increasing its weight in the sector despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In these days when international travel and physical fairs and meetings cannot take place due to the measures taken, Turkish packaging companies continue to export without slowing down. According to the statement made by Bayramoğlu Ambalaj Plastik, it exported plastic packaging to the United Kingdom, Balkan countries and Israel via the e-export platform TurkishExporter.

Stating that they have achieved 125% growth despite the pandemic by adopting a trade model integrated into the digital world, Bayramoğlu Ambalaj Plastik Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Company Chairman of the Board Yakup Yallı said, “During the pandemic, e-exports prevented possible reductions in trade volume. For companies like us that have integrated into digital transformation, it has enabled increasing rather than maintaining the current volume. I hope that Turkish manufacturers will turn to e-exports more and increase the competitiveness of our sector.”

“We are taking firm steps towards becoming a global player”

Stating that they are collaborating with TurkishExporter in the struggle to be among the leading companies in the sector, Yakup Yalli said, “We deliver groups of bags made from pure and original raw materials to almost every point in the country. After becoming a member of the export platform, we have reached dozens of customers abroad in a short time, giving weight to exports in just three months. In this way, we exported to many Balkan countries, Israel and the UK. Adding new countries and customers to our export range, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a global player.”

“We aim to increase our export figure to 40% thanks to e-export”

Pointing out that they started their export-oriented activities three years ago and they managed to increase their volumes with e-export more than they expected, Yallı said, “Exports account for only 10% of our production, but with the power added to us by e-exports, we aim to increase our export figure to 40% in a short time. Because, so far, thanks to e-exports, we have always managed to exceed our goals. We are also building our infrastructure quickly to achieve our goal faster. We also increased our monthly production from 400 tons to 700 tons. Although 2017-2018 has been a troubled year, we have achieved 125% growth this year. In order to take our place in the globalized world, to leave a better future and the world to the generations after us, it is a debt for our country to keep our trade alive by complying with the requirements of our age.”

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