Tasarruf supports housing sales

Tasarruf supports housing sales
29 July 2020

Although the Covid-19 pandemic brought housing sales to a standstill for a while, home sales in Turkey increased by 273% in June and reached the level of 190 thousand. Especially, special campaigns that offer interest-free financing models based on savings, continue to support the sector.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Housing sales in Turkey showed a 273% increase in June compared to May. The month of June, when 190 thousand 12 houses were sold, especially mobilized the housing sector by overcoming the first shock of the pandemic and accumulating demands. In the first six months of the year, a total of 624 thousand 769 houses were sold. Those who want to own a house in low installments instead of bank loans and interest burdens tend to the savings-based finance sector. Stating that the awareness of the savings-based financing sector has increased rapidly with the alternative house-buying model in the past year, Tasarruf A.Ş. Chairman Nimetullah Narman said, “People who have a low credit rating or who do not have a track record are able to own a house and a vehicle with low installments with their savings.”

Special opportunity for Eid al-Adha

Reminding that it is very difficult to own a house or a car, and that they offer services to break down the idea that high costs should be paid for years, Nimetullah Narman said, “We develop flexible solutions by developing reliable services suitable for every budget. In this way, we offer an opportunity for many people to step in for their dreams, with no interest burden and multiple alternative installment options. For the increasing demand for housing and vehicles after the pandemic, we also reduced the service price specifically for the Sacrifice Feast. In addition, our citizens have the chance to win a home and a car with the lottery of early delivery from the first month. One of the indispensable missions for us is to contribute to our people as a one hundred percent Turkish company and nurture the Turkish economy.”

Our customers' payments are insured

Stating that with the campaigns and opportunities they have prepared, it is easier to own a house and a car, Narman said, “We look at our customers ' savings in order to achieve their dream of homes and vehicles in confidence. As the first and only company in Turkey that offers savings safe insurance service, we keep the payments under the guarantee and under the guarantee of HDI insurance. The installments paid by our customers are included annually in the insurance coverage for free in the first year. In addition to the contract made between the company and our customers, the payments made by insurance are also secured gold.”

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About Tasarruf A.Ş.

Tasarruf A.Ş. is a financial company with 100% Turkish capital, offering interest-free products and services to individuals with needs such as buying homes, vehicles and land. With its 20 years of professional experience and advanced expertise, it provides financing support in order to be able to own a house, vehicle and land by offering suitable plans to its customers in a conservative financing sector. The most remarkable difference among the many differences that distinguish Tasarruf A.Ş. from other companies in its sector is “My Savings is Safe” insurance. With this service, it saves the money of its customers with insurance assurance in the time it saves its customers.