Transformer manufacturer from Turkey reaches e-export volume of 15 million dollars

Transformer manufacturer from Turkey reaches e-export volume of 15 million dollars
23 July 2020

Electric power machines exports doubled in the last 5 years in Turkey and exceeded 4.5 billion liras. Exports did not slow down during the coronavirus period. Despite the pandemic, the exports of electric power machines reached 2 billion dollars in the first 5 months of 2020 with the effect of e-export platforms. Taner Candemir, the manager of Meksan Transformer Foreign Trade, stated in his evaluation that the export volume will be multiplied with the trade channels integrated into the digital age.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) data, exports of electric power machines (transformers, static components, including inductors) increased 2-fold in the last 5 years and reached 4 billion 508 million TL. Exports of electric power machines, which were not negatively affected by the pandemic in 2020, increased by 10% compared to the previous year in the January-May period and reached 2 billion 188 million TL. Noting that the sector has expanded by opening abroad with e-export platforms, Meksan Transformer Foreign Trade Manager Taner Candemir said, “Although the coronavirus process, which we once again understood the importance of digitalization, caused fluctuations in the sector, domestic and well-established manufacturers continue to grow with e-export moves integrated into the age. In just 3 years, our export volume increased in an unpredictable manner with the e-export platform TurkishExporter.”

Export input of $ 15 million per year

Stating that the number of countries they export to has reached 32 thanks to the e-export platform that enables local manufacturers to open up to the world by bringing them together with buyers abroad, Taner Candemir said, “In the last three years, we have increased our exports with our product portfolio in TurkishExporter and we have the opportunity to reach new customers from many parts of the world such as Iraq, Du-bai, Italy, Belgium. We can say that almost 80 percent of our production of power and distribution transformers is export oriented. Thus, we earn about $ 15 million a year with export inputs, and we continue to earn to our country. Our goal as a company is to shift 90% of our production to exports within 2 years by reaching more countries and different customers with the support of e-export platforms.”

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