Attack on Titan Crosses Over With Seven Deadly Sins in Grand Cross

Attack on Titan Crosses Over With Seven Deadly Sins in Grand Cross
22 July 2020

Netmarble's The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will feature a crossover with Attack on Titan.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The Seven Deadly Sins and Attack on Titan are crossing over in Netmarble's The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross mobile game. According to the press release, Attack on Titan characters will be available in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross from today until August 4. You can read the press release below.

Starting today, four new characters from Attack on Titan, including SSR [Titan Form] Eren Jaeger,SSR [Greatest Soldier] Mikasa Ackermann, SSR [Greatest Soldier] Levi, and SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger are available to collect. While all SSR-grade characters can be acquired through the Attack on Titan pick up draw, SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger is available to collect for free in a variety of events, including a World Quest where The Seven Deadly Sins join forces with the Survey Corp to protect Liones from invading Titans. Players can also enjoy witnessing SSR [Titan Form] Eren Jaeger become a Titan when executing his Lethal Moves during play.

New costumes themed after Eren Jaeger, Levi, and Mikasa Ackermann are now available for purchase. There is also a ‘Lucky Box’ event that allows players to collect 3 tickets for Diamond and Gold prizes by accessing games, participating in collab events, and sharing SNS. Extra prizes can be earned by redeeming ‘Lottery Tickets that grant additional rewards to players.

The latest Attack on Titan collaboration also includes followings:

[7DS] × [AOT] Attendance eventBy logging into the game daily, players can obtain SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger for free on the first day, and diamonds and up to ten pick-up tickets over 14 days also can be earned.[7DS] × [AOT] Collaboration pick up drawPlayers also can participate collaboration pick up draw which includes 3 SSR [AOT] Heroes. Depending on players’ mileage achievement, SSR Heroes and [AOT] Collaboration Heroes can be obtained[7DS] × [AOT] Titan EliminationAfter completing the [7DS] × [AOT] World quest, players will have an opportunity to organize eight of their elite heroes to defeat the Titan. SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger can also be obtained by the first completion.[7DS] × [AOT] Titan ConquestBy using “The Imperial Giant Report” obtained during the [7DS] × [AOT] Titan Elimination, up to four players can play together in defeating the more powerful Titan together. Rewards, such as a collaboration hero costume, as well as growth materials, and exchange materials which can be used to redeem SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger.[7DS] × [AOT] Event Hawk passWhen purchasing special products, players can obtain Eren Jaeger costume sets, a Mikasa stamp, and Part 2 SSR-confirmed tickets for redemption. Completing this mission will grant players a SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger.[7DS] × [AOT] Special missionA special mission commemorating the Attack on Titan collaboration is also available for players to complete. Upon completion, a SR [Cadet Corps] Eren Jaeger will be offered to players.