CVs are lying

CVs are lying
23 July 2018

CVs are lying

According to research by, most CVs of job seekers do not reflect the truth. Managers; The wrong information about work experience, foreign language, title, competencies, attending seminar, certifications held is unacceptable; hobby, misconceptions about name and age are considered acceptable.

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ISTANBUL (TR) -, which provides online support for the preparation of professional resume (CV), conducted a study to trace the misleading information frequently used in CVs, which is the first communication tool of job applications. According to 18 years of age from Turkey a total of 1,023 people participated in the survey's results, was lying in front of eyes that can not be denied-that is acceptable in CVs. 87% of the participants in the study stated that the education information in CVs and 84% of them stated that work experience information was wrong.

According to the research of, managers see work experience, foreign language, title, competencies, seminar, wrong information about certificates held. Misunderstandings related to hobby, name and age are considered acceptable. 68% of the respondents say that it is unacceptable to give false information about work experience time, 75% foreign language, 71% title, 69% competence, 60% seminar-certificates. 83% of the 1,023 people who participated in the study had the view that misleading information for hobbies was acceptable. 20% of the name, 44% of the wrong information about the age of the wrong do not see the report says.

Birol Kabakoğlu, the founder of, made a statement on the research. Although the results show the opposite, the basic information between the name and age, such as giving wrong information on the part of the employer will undoubtedly cause a great loss of confidence. On the other hand, the resulting data clearly shows that there are a large number of people who accept the lies written in the CV. This proves once again that job seekers need professional support for the CV. Placing misleading information in the CV puts the job application process at great risk. It is very important that people look for ways to place accurate information in their CVs, rather than inflate their CVs with incorrect information. At this point,, 11 different languages ​​in the design and content of users in terms of design to provide impressive and informative CVs' he said.

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