BTS World 1st Anniversary Update Released

BTS World 1st Anniversary Update Released
26 June 2020

BTS World has left its 1st Year behind, where players lead the career of the South Korean world famous BTS Group members. Many innovations have been added to the game with the update released exclusively for the first anniversary.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - BTS World, the mobile game of Netmarble, has released its special update for its 1st anniversary. The game received a “Our Precious Memories” web event, which gives 5 star selector when all missions are completed, as well as a lottery event based on BTS WORLD original music with the update.

Since its release in June 2019, there have been 400 million interactions in the game's messaging system, which has led the group's career as BTS manager, and players have leveled their cards more than 1 billion times, while managers have completed 600 million tasks, an average of 1.8 million tasks a day, and they've also woken up members nearly 100 million times.

“Our Precious Memories” web event, which earns a 5 star picker when all missions are completed to celebrate the anniversary of the game, will run from June 24 to July 7. Other anniversary events and awards are as follows:

BTS WORLD 1st Anniversary Lottery Event - In the specified periods, new cards have been added to the lottery to celebrate the 1st Anniversary, where players can win the cards of certain BTS members.

  • OST Part 1 (June 24 - June 29) - Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook
  • OST Part 2 (June 29 - July 3) - j-hope, V
  • OST Part 3 (July 3 - July 7) - RM, SUGA
    • 1st Anniversary Notification Event (June 26, June 29 - July 5)
    • 1st Anniversary Package Discount (June 24 - July 7)
    • 1 + 1 Additional Duration Event (June 24 - July 3)
    • 1st Anniversary Style & Diamond Lottery (July 2 - 6)

BTS WORLD contains 10,000 new photos and 100 videos tailored to the game, and players can interact with BTS with virtual, one-on-one interactive content as their manager.