Coorbiz expands its corporate sales network

Coorbiz expands its corporate sales network
23 June 2020

Naci Kostakoğlu started to work as a managing partner at Coorbiz Consulting to focus on sales, marketing and business development.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Supporting the sales activities of companies, Coorbiz strengthened its prevalence in corporate sales with Naci Kostakoğlu. After graduating from Izmir Atatürk High School, Naci Kostakoğlu graduated from METU Mechanical Engineering Department in 1988. He worked as a Development Engineer. He worked as a manager in Borusan Group in the fields of Service, Business Development, Marketing and CRM between 1994-2009, and as CRM and Sales Manager at Peugeot Otomotiv Pazarlama A.Ş. between 2009-2020. Kostakoğlu, who is the managing partner responsible for sales, marketing and business development functions at Coorbiz Danışmanlık A.Ş, will carry out studies to develop the corporate sales network.

Naci Kostakoğlu stated that Coorbiz aims to expand its sales network throughout Turkey, drawing strength from professionals who have worked in the corporate sales field for many years. Kostakoğlu said, “We are working to expand our sales network with our team that supports the sales activities of companies from outside. As Coorbiz, we will intensify our efforts to improve the customer portfolio of companies and increase their effectiveness in the real sector in the new period. We will continue to contribute by improving our customers' sales and marketing processes.”