Artificial intelligence increases success in digital advertising by 40%

Artificial intelligence increases success in digital advertising by 40%
02 June 2020

Telephone usage times increased by 35% on social isolation days, and the number of notifications received increased by 71%. While digital advertising investments increased in this period, costs fell to the same level as two years ago. The use of artificial intelligence in digital advertising increases the success rate.

ISTANBUL (TR) - The time spent by the users especially on mobile screens, who are locked in their homes within the scope of the social isolation measures, has increased. While smartphone usage times increased by 35%, the number of notifications received on the phones increased by 71% as a result during the day. There was a 40% increase in messaging applications and 32% in mobile games. Hitting record high of the practice of living connected to mobile screens has enabled the brands that invest more and more every year to return to the digital world, especially the advertisement works. The companies that tried to increase their income sources and reduce their expenditures with the pandemic, started to look for an alternative to use each penny of digital advertising investments more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence increases success in digital advertising by 40%

Chinese intelligence advertising technology company to SocialPeta, that stepped into the Turkish market at the beginning of 2020, offered artificial intelligence-based ad management tool, AdCost Intelligence, to use in Turkey. Stating that they take steps to overcome together the current difficulties and alleviate the operational pressure of businesses, SocialPeta founder Rocks Su said, “By offering more than 600 million advertising data, we aim to increase ad performance of brands and agencies in Turkey. With ADCost Intelligence, we first offer solutions for all advertisements placed on Facebook and its subsidiaries Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. Following the brands' advertising investments on these platforms, the software gains insight into how and how much their competitors and other companies in the industry spend on advertising. In this way, it provides optimization of advertisement investments.”

Facebook can reach more than 2 billion people

The increasing trend of social networks with the pandemic period enabled Facebook to increase the number of users, especially in developing markets. According to the data shared by SocialPeta, advertisers can now reach more than 2 billion people worldwide via Facebook. This figure corresponds to more than one third of the total population aged 13 and over in the world. In Turkey, 37 million people on Facebook can be targeted with ads. It is stated that 80% of active users of Facebook have seen at least one advertisement in the last 30 days.

While digital advertising investments increased, costs decreased to the same level as 2 years ago

According to the reviews of SocialPeta, Facebook's advertising costs per view and click decreased to 2018. Compared to November 2019, it decreased by 60%. Rocks Su said, “Mobile display ad spending has grown by an average of 32% in the last 3 years. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in particular are taking a broad share in this spending. With the machine learning we have developed, advertisers are able to control bid strategies more precisely through predictive models. This method allows them to focus on transformation, increasing the return on advertising spending and revenue. It is of course important to cut down on the costs of generating new revenue during the crisis. But more important is the maximization of the return and impact of every penny spent.”

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