COVID-19 does not spread with the use of air conditioner

COVID-19 does not spread with the use of air conditioner
18 May 2020

While the use of air conditioning is expected to become widespread with the warming of the weather, Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder says there is no harm in using air conditioning in public confined spaces as long as social distance and hygiene rules are followed.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - A series of measures were taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in shopping malls open to public use in Istanbul. Within the scope of these measures, it is forbidden to use the air conditioning systems that filter the air inside and return it again. This situation also posed a question mark for those who applied to air conditioners in homes and offices, especially in the hot summer months.

Sharing information about the effect of air conditioners on the spread of the virus, CEO of Daikin in Turkey Hasan Önder said: “Research shows that there is no definitive information that coronavirus is increasing transmission through circulating air. We can not say that ‘home type split air conditioners’ carry viruses. There are many precautions that can be taken for a safe and healthy indoor air. The first of these is the use of masks. There is no problem with the use of air conditioning in the scenario where everyone uses a mask, meaning that the individual cannot smudge droplets around in case of being sick. The lack of air conditioners is a greater danger in the summer when the temperature is felt better in indoor environments and the depressing weather makes it difficult to use a mask.”

“Attention should be paid to central air conditioning and ventilation systems”

Hasan Önder, CEO of Daikin, who made some warnings and recommendations for the areas where central air conditioning and ventilation systems such as shopping malls, hospitals, offices are used, said: “In big places such as shopping malls, air conditioning and ventilation devices such as VRV, air handling units, fancoils are used. If these devices are used as recommended, they can provide a healthier environment rather than increasing the spread of the virus. The Ministry of Health has already issued a circular regarding the shopping malls and laid down the working conditions. In such systems, the amount of ventilation air should be increased and the ventilation system should be operated 24/7 during the pandemic period. The amount of fresh air should be adjusted to 100% if possible. Requirement controlled ventilation should be disabled, fan speed should be increased in air conditioning systems. Toilet exhausts should be operated 24/7 and low pressure should be created continuously in the toilets according to the environment. Attaching HEPA filters or UVC filters to the ventilation systems will also be effective against the virus. However, the most important point is to pay attention to the social distance and hygiene rules.”

“Electricity consumption should not be considered during the pandemic period”

Touching on the importance of state support in energy use, Önder said, “The full capacity of air conditioners as specified in large buildings such as shopping malls, markets, hotels, plazas will increase energy consumption. Government support on energy use may also be beneficial in order to comply with the usage conditions and recommendations of operators and to turn to more efficient systems for sustainable hygiene conditions.”

Daikin experts give the following questions to the most curious questions about air conditioning use during the coronavirus days:

Does the coronavirus spread by air?

Research shows that the virus is not transmitted directly from the air. The disease is transmitted through coughing, sneezing, talking to infected people, and droplets that can spread up to 2 meters away, or a virus that settles on the surfaces. If an uninfected person is exposed to droplets, the incidence is high. It is said that small droplets can reach a longer distance by airflow. For this reason, we recommend that you constantly ventilate your environment against the carriers of the disease.

Is coronavirus transmitted by a split air conditioner?

As research has shown to date, since the transmission of the virus by air is not finalized, we cannot say that Home-type split air conditioners carry the virus.

Is it safe to use an air conditioner at home?

Yes, it is safe to use your air conditioner in your home, as the possibility of an infected person coming to your home, which is your private area, is very low due to the current quarantine conditions and social distance.

You can easily use your air conditioner in a well-ventilated environment. Ventilation helps reduce air pollutants in the environment by replacing indoor air with fresh air from outside. It is difficult to achieve a good indoor air quality in a poorly ventilated environment. For this reason, we recommend that you air your house for 5-10 minutes every hour. If you have two different windows in your room, opening both will contribute to a more efficient air flow. You can use your air conditioner before and after ventilation. If there is no window in your home or office, you can choose products that can offer fresh air to the indoor environment.

Is it safe to use split air conditioner in the office?

It mostly depends on what kind of office you have and what measures are taken to monitor office workers and visitors. It is safe if you are in a small office where you are aware that there are no diseases, and where you are with people you know. However, if many visitors come to your office, you should take great precautions. Staff and visitors have to follow state guidelines to reduce risk, such as disinfectants and masks. The use of split air conditioner, central system products or any other air conditioning product in the office should be supported by ventilating the indoor environment or feeding it with fresh air. In very crowded environments, air conditioners can provide adequate ventilation and fresh air with the exhaust fan. If there is no unit to offer glass or fresh air, split air conditioners with a powerful air cleaning filter can be preferred.

Can split air conditioning be used in restaurants and shops?

The number and density of visitors in restaurants and shops is quite high. Therefore, the main source of contamination here may be due to not paying attention to social distance rules and hygiene rather than air conditioning or ventilation products. Therefore, we cannot say that air conditioners directly increase the contamination in these environments. Where necessary, workplaces and tables should be rearranged in accordance with social distance rules. In very crowded environments, air conditioners can be used with exhaust fan, providing adequate ventilation and fresh air. It is also very important to ventilate the environment with fresh air in these environments.

Those who are curious about the use of air conditioners during the pandemic days can be found on the Daikin website:ında-Klima-K usage

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