Canadian high school student exchange programs continue without a hitch

Canadian high school student exchange programs continue without a hitch
01 April 2020

One of the most concerning issues about the coronavirus pandemic is students studying abroad and their families. Welcoming students from various countries, Canada gives a good test both in terms of the safety of students and the continuity of their education. Students going from Turkey to Canada through exchange programs continue their education unabated with the measures taken and the country's prepared infrastructure.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus pandemic, which started in China and affected the whole world, brings new regulations in education as well as many other fields. While educational activities are being rapidly moved to digital environments, various measures are taken to ensure that the curriculum does not hinder. In this process, those who worry the most are students and their families who are studying abroad. Canada is one of the countries that manage the process best. Volkan Cerrahoğlu, General Manager of International High School Student Exchange Program WCEP in Turkey, says that high school students who go from Turkey to Canada to study are safe in terms of both their health and the continuity of their education.

Canada's distance education infrastructure is ready in all conditions

Emphasizing that Canada draws an example against coronavirus with its secure accommodation opportunity and the distance education infrastructure it offers, Volkan Cerrahoğlu said, "High school students in Canada under the exchange program that we pioneered did not return to Turkey in order not to put themselves and their families at risk. Together with the volunteer families who host them, they safely continue their education from afar. The distance education infrastructure that Canada has already developed makes the country ready for all conditions. In this way, the education periods of all our students continue without disruption.”

New term students will be in Canada in September

Stating that for the 2020-2021 education period, high school students will go to Canada from Turkey in the name of any disruption in the transactions carried out various interviews and successful results of these talks were also transferred, Cerrahoğlu said “Our duty for the next year will apply for high school students have ensured that no restrictions are made. In this context, the Canadian Embassy will continue to issue visas to students who have applied for and won the Canadian High School student exchange program for the next semester, and students will be able to travel to Canada in September to begin their study period. As WCEP, we continue to hold the hands of young people who will build our tomorrows, and we do not stop for a moment to walk next to them in order to grow as individuals with their feet firmly on the ground. We believe that we will overcome all obstacles with the cooperation we have developed around the world.”

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