The ‘joy’ of those who stay home will be the ‘hope’ of Turkey

The ‘joy’ of those who stay home will be the ‘hope’ of Turkey
30 March 2020

MOPAK, Turkey's leading paper and notebook manufacturer, is preparing to donate thousands of masks with its “Rainbow Project” launched on social media.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - A new collaboration between public institutions, NGOs and the private sector has been added as a whole struggle has begun in Turkey against the coronavirus epidemic that has afflicted the whole world. MOPAK, which has been operating in the printing and paper sector for 94 years, will donate masks on behalf of those who follow the calls to stay home and draw and share the rainbow of their dreams. Making a statement about the project, MOPAK General Manager Ruhi Molay said, “We aim to reduce the psychological effects of the virus and create a social awareness with the project that we have implemented with the philosophy that it is not only diseases but also contagious.”

“The joy of people will enable us to survive these difficult days”

Stating that psychological measures should be taken against coronavirus, Ruhi Molay said, “Calls to stay at home are very important to stop the spread of the epidemic. However, in this process, we need to be psychologically standing as we are at home. As MOPAK, we started the “Rainbow Project” in order to make everyone smile from 7 to 70 in these difficult days. Especially we want to give joy to the children who continue their education at home and the families who have to take the role of teachers for them. We expect everyone to draw their own rainbows and hang them on their windows by bringing their imaginations together with colours. We will donate masks to health institutions on behalf of those who share the rainbow by labelling their MOPAK accounts on social media.”

“We will get stronger from this crisis”

Reminding that the Turkish people overcame larger crisis as a unity in history, Ruhi Molay said, “We have witnessed many troubling processes in our country for nearly a century. We were able to get out of all of them with our people's commitment and rational steps. As a company that has developed the practice of getting out of the many social and economic crises we encounter, we recommend manufacturers to remain calm in this process and not to make decisions that will negatively affect employment. Turkey is very competent in overcoming such difficulties and crises with its culture, accumulation and human resources. I believe that if we get through this process in a healthy way, we will get stronger and move on.”

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