Technological solution to the customer limitation brought to the markets due to coronavirus

Technological solution to the customer limitation brought to the markets due to coronavirus
27 March 2020

Within the scope of the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19), the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs circular introduced customer limitation and social distancing to the entire retail sector, especially the markets. Security cameras became the solution for the management and control of the process. Thanks to the security cameras, the number of people in the store is reported instantly, and situations that are against the social distancing rule can be detected and automatically alerted.

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ISTANBUL (TR) -  Turkey is increasing the measures against the coronavirus outbreak that spread to 175 countries. In this process, special attention is paid to social isolation while strict measures are applied to prevent citizens from being in crowded environments. Finally, with the additional circular sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to 81 provincial governorships in the context of fighting the epidemic, customer restraints were brought to all retail stores, especially the markets across the country. According to the measures in the circular, the maximum number of customers in the markets during the mandatory shopping needs was limited to one-tenth of the total area served directly. If there are a certain number of customers in the market, it was decided not to let in new customers before the shoppers came out. It is also necessary to comply with the 1-meter social distance rule at the entrance, during shopping and during the safe.

Security cameras are the solution for retailers

The good news to retailers who had question marks about how to manage this entire process came from Udentify, the developer of image processing technologies. The domestic technology company, which analyzes customer behaviours in physical stores, provides technological support for the precautions that should be followed in all stores, especially in markets, with its infrastructure that keeps the number and density of customers under control over existing security cameras. While the images taken from the developed modules and security cameras are processed and reported how many people are in the store instantly, automatic alerts are given in case of detection of situations that do not comply with the social distance rule, which should be at least 1 meter during shopping. This reduces the risk of citizens who are in stores for their essential needs while reducing the risk of infection.

Number of customers and social distance can be measured instantly

Stating that they aim to support market employees and managers in this challenging process with smart software that can be applied quickly to the existing camera systems of all stores, including markets, Udentify Founder Can Dörtkardeşler said, “As a team, people of all ages can comply with all precautions in shopping environments where there is the highest risk of infection. We have a local technology that can make warnings at times when these conditions are excluded. In this context, we can develop a module where retailers can fully implement and control all the measures taken, and we can monitor the number of instant customers and distance within the store. In the next step, our goal is to open the instant density in the stores with an interface to prevent long queues at the entrances and to offer everyone the chance to check the occupancy before going to the store.”

Half of the profit to be obtained will be donated for the production of domestic breathing apparatus

Stating that they will donate half of the profit they will earn from the smart module they offer to the markets to Biosys, a company that develops a local medical respirator, Dortkardeşler said “We believe that we should have the responsibility to share what we have achieved in this difficult and sensitive period with the society at the same rate. In this regard, we wish to donate half of the profit we will earn based on our agreements with companies we will work with, for the development and production of respiratory equipment, and we wish to contribute to the recovery process of patients in our country.”

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About Udentify

Udentify, founded by Can Dörtkardeşler and Rıdvan Çilli, operates as a business intelligence solution that analyzes customer behaviour in physical stores. The domestic technology company, which transforms the anonymous data it collects by following the consumer behaviour in the indoor area with the infrastructure it offers through security cameras, provides support on different topics such as the detection of unnecessary areas in the retail sector, customer-oriented design and the use of marketing materials.