A country story that carries welfare in its heart from Çöküreten

A country story that carries welfare in its heart from Çöküreten
11 March 2020

The first book of Murat Çoküreten, “Küba Günlerim", took its place on the shelves. The book, which was introduced at the 14th International Ankara Book Fair, sheds light on welfare and life philosophy of the Cuban people based on the writer's trip to Cuba.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Murat Çoküren, who has been working as a program producer at TRT for many years, met readers at the beginning of March with his highly anticipated first book “Küba Günlerim”. This time, Çoküreten, who turned his framing into Cuba, the friendly country of socialism, sheds light on the variegated world of the Cuban people, who have preserved their desire to live and their human values ​​despite the financial impossibilities. The work, which does not only reflect the impressions of Çoküreten trip to Cuba, promises a profound journey to the epic love stories of a Cuban boy and a Turkish girl, from the present forms of Cuban history and teachings to a Turkish girl. This journey, accompanied by photographs from Murat Çoküreten's perspective, offers the reader the opportunity to experience the fairy tale spirit of Cuba.

Murat Çoküreten, who signed his book for his readers at the 14th International Ankara Book Fair, shared details about his first work. Cuba is a magical country that I have seen that socialism has built smiling faces and I have witnessed that hopes for life have somehow grew as long as humanity has gone. My “Cuban Days”, which I believe that the spirit that seeks prosperity not in the material but in the hearts should be lived and lived, offers a different perspective to the history and the world today from Cuba's window.” He also announced to his readers that he started working for his second book.

The name of the book: Küba Günlerim

Author: Murat Cokureten

Publisher: Luna Publishing

Release Date: March 2020

Number of Pages: 173

ISBN: 978-625-795-010-7

Contact: Tülay Genç | I [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About Murat Çoküreten

Journalist writer Murat Çoküreten was born in Eskişehir in 1963. Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Press and Broadcasting School, Department of Radio Television Cinema, Çoküreten worked as a program producer at TRT GAP Diyarbakır Radio. The journalist, who has been broadcasting programs on TRT's regional and national radio mailings for 20 years, worked as the broadcast chief of TRT İzmir Radio İzmir Radio, which he was appointed in 2017.

Cokureten, who received important awards with his Play Garden, Consumer Guide and programs from our region, retired from TRT in August 2018. After retirement, the journalist who brought his first book, Küba Günlerim, with his readers, continues his life in Izmir.