Ecom Leaders Club brought e-commerce leaders together

Ecom Leaders Club brought e-commerce leaders together
11 March 2020

E-commerce executives of Turkey's respected and prestigious organizations came together with Fruugo, one of the UK’s largest online marketplaces, at Ecom Leaders Club. The focus of the event was Turkey’s e-export potential.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Global e-export platform established in WORLDEF within Ecom Leaders Club, which is one of the UK's largest online marketplace brought together by Fruugo with e-commerce retailer in Turkey. Fruugo CRO Håkan Thy, said that Turkey has a great potential for e-exports.

As the Ecom Leaders Club started its activities, a launch program was held at Shangri La Bosphorus Hotel in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. E-commerce managers from Turkey's leading retail and e-commerce companies such as Hatemoğlu, Ipekyol, Evyap, Wessi, Kiğilli, Chakra and E-Bebek attended the event along with the managers of the UK-based global marketplace Fruugo. The launch event of Ecom Leaders club focused on issues of close interest to e-commerce managers, such as logistics services, global Sunday opportunities.

Ömer Nart: We focus on developing countries for e-export awareness

Speaking at the program, WORLDEF President Ömer Nart explained that they contribute to the e-export ecosystem with training, consultancy and event services. Nart stated that they aim to train experts in the sector online and offline with their training activities and said that they aim to increase e-export awareness in Turkey with regional e-export conferences organized in Anatolia. The president of WORLDEF said that together with Turkey, they focus especially on developing countries and organize e-export conferences abroad. Nart also addressed Worldef's consulting activities and emphasized that they provide guidance services to companies that do or want to do e-exports and facilitate their business.

Thyr: We are excited to work with WORLDEF

Fruugo CRO Håkan Thyr, who made a presentation in the program, said that the global marketplace Fruugo is a global marketplace that enables brands and retailers to reach consumers in more than 40 countries. Thyr stated that Fruugo eliminates the complexity and risk of global growth by investing in translation, local payment methods and search traffic at no additional cost. Stressing that Turkey has a great potential for e-exports, Fruugo CRO emphasized that companies in Turkey, which are also rich in quality products, are excited to work with WORLDEF to reach a global audience.

Cooperation among e-commerce players is aimed

Ecom Leaders Club was founded in order to increase the e-export volumes of Turkish retailers and improve their business. Turkey's respected and prestigious organizations to manage their e-commerce takes place as Ecom Leaders Club, the year in such special events as well as e-exporting companies aims to bring together major retailers with Turkey.

In addition, the organization, which will continue to bring together e-commerce managers of online markets, suppliers and retailers with different activities, introduces the managers of companies that want to do e-export with experts of online marketers in different countries of the world, and collaborations between e-commerce and e-export companies. develop and provide to sell in different countries such as e-commerce company in Turkey carries purposes. Ecom Laeders Club with e-commerce players in Turkey to develop cooperation with e-commerce players in different countries; Turkey's e-commerce ecosystem could become a community.