Promoqube celebrating 10th Anniversary

Promoqube celebrating 10th Anniversary
17 February 2020

Turkey's one of the leading digital advertising agency Promoqube is celebrating 10th anniversary this year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Promoqube, one of the leading digital-focused advertising agencies in Turkey, is celebrating 10th anniversary this year. There are many surprise names in the video series prepared specifically for the new age, from the first employee of the agency to the intern who set up his own company. The video series started by Promoqube's first employee Hasan Basusta continues with Ismail Dağlı, Necip Murat, Haydar Özkömürcü and Eren Caner. In the delightful videos that take us back to the years when the agency was founded, employees share their experience at Promoqube and what it has added to them. Names in other videos for the series, which will run through 2020, have yet to be announced.

Happy 10 Years!

Promoqube agency chief Korhan Kurt said the following about his tenth years: “In late 2009, when the economy was not very good, we perceived that social media was about to change marketing in a way never seen before. Our goal was to create an agency that would do good for brands in the social media age. We chose to progress by working with creativity, care and attention for each of our customers and projects. And boommm! Ten years later, we continue with our excitement on the first day. I believe that Promoqube will continue to grow and transform in its second decade. I am grateful to all our employees, customers and Özgür Alaz for their contributions to Promoqube.

Promoqube, founded in 2009 by Özgür Alaz and Korhan Kurt and incorporated into IPG Mediabrands in 2014, provides digital advertising agency services to brands such as Avivasa, Baymak, Fibabanka, HPE, Memorial, Petrol Ofisi, Prontotour, Sanofi, Tavuk Dünyasi and Gilan.

The video series prepared can be viewed on Promoqube YouTube account. 

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