Cyber Security Insured Firewall Device Developed

Cyber Security Insured Firewall Device Developed
07 February 2020

Increasing cyber threats bring new necessities. In the cybersecurity sector where it is impossible to provide 100% cyber protection, domestic cybersecurity Turkish manufacturer Berqnet Firewall has developed a “Commercial Cyber Security Insured Firewall” device in cooperation with Anadolu Sigorta.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The domestic cybersecurity manufacturer Berqnet Firewall, which serves to protect businesses against cyber threats and fulfil their legal obligations, has signed new cooperation with Anadolu Sigorta, which stands out with its technology investments and innovative practices. This cooperation with Anadolu Sigorta guarantees under commercial enterprises and SMEs, any cybersecurity risks will occur as a result of costs and guaranteeing the damage Turkey's first standard comprehensive business Cyber ​​Security Insurance Package, developed specifically bq60-S firewall device met with. The commercial cybersecurity insured firewall guarantees the costs and losses within the limit, from financial losses to loss of profits, from expenses caused by data loss to services offered by cyber risk experts.

It serves SMEs and covers administrative fines for data breaches.

Receiving feedback from businesses that they are not fully protected against cyberattacks, Berqnet Firewall launched a new R&D process after 6 months of field and market research and over 10 thousand demand analysis. As a result of two years of work, the commercial cybersecurity insurance bq60-SE firewall device was developed. The device protects the damages that may occur as a result of any cybersecurity risk of the enterprises with Anadolu Sigorta assurance with certain guarantees. The coverage includes administrative fines related to personal data, insured data protection damages, cyber ransom losses, information security and privacy liability, data breach costs, or losses caused by the insured company's business. Berqnet bq60-SE has also been developed in accordance with law 5651 for the network cybersecurity needs of branches or remote offices of small and medium-sized businesses.

"Turkey is opening a new page in the cybersecurity industry."

Emphasizing that both reputation and commercial life are guaranteed with the new product they offer, Dr Berqnet Firewall General Manager. A. Murat Apohan said, “Businesses want 100% protection, but no cybersecurity product can meet this need. At this point, we developed a special product for our target group asking "If I buy this firewall device, will I be fully protected?" And we put it on the market. Together with Anadolu Sigorta, which supports us on this path with its visionary approach, we have developed a product that will serve SMEs within the scope of Commercial Cyber ​​Security Package Insurance coverage from 7 to 70. Turkey's domestic cybersecurity with firewall devices as a manufacturer of commercial cyber our country with this innovative work we combine the security policy, we are proud of breaking new ground. We hope that this step will inspire new projects that will lead the industry.”

Evaluating the collaboration of Berqnet and Anadolu Sigorta, Anadolu Sigorta Assistant General Manager Levent Sönmez: “As Anadolu Sigorta, we launched many innovative products in the insurance industry for the first time in our country with our 95 years of long history and innovative vision. Cyber ​​Security mined in the past year in the areas of retail and commercial cybersecurity insurance package our products carrying the first of its kind in Turkey. Now, we have developed pioneering cooperation with Berqnet that will meet an important need in this field. With this cooperation, while the businesses are under the protection of the Berqnet firewall device against cyber threats, they can now continue to work more comfortably with the assurance of Anadolu Sigorta Commercial Cyber ​​Security Package Insurance in case of grievances due to non-firewall reasons.”