Australian bushfires have set the furniture sector in Turkey in motion

Australian bushfires have set the furniture sector in Turkey in motion
21 January 2020

The bushfires in Australia have led many countries to protect their resources. In Turkey, where green areas damaged by forest fires have increased by 76% in the last 5 years, Asortie Furniture has launched an important social responsibility movement.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Forest fires, which caused the loss of 8 billion hectares of forests and 1.25 billion animals in Australia, left the world facing a serious picture. In many countries, this disaster raises but also carries a warning to Turkey. Agriculture and Forestry Ministry's latest data, the green areas damaged due to forest fires in Turkey in the last 5 years show that 76% increase. Furniture and Assortment of the leading brands in the design sector Furniture, which began to compensate for this loss, "we take from nature Back Veriyoruz" the social responsibility project called, without limitation, on behalf of each client's family or loved ones, nursery erects in Turkey. The brand, which made the campaign valid for all its products in its domestic and international stores, succeeded in bringing more than 3 thousand saplings to the soil in a year.

“It says there is no more time to lose disasters”

Underlining that one of the industries that are the most indebted to nature is the furniture and decoration industry, Asortie Furniture Chairman Murat Erat said, “Especially recently, forest fires deeply upset the world. These disasters, where the trees burned endlessly, millions of living beings died and moreover lost their lives, show that we do not have more time to lose and inform that it is time to pay. As Asortie Furniture, we aim to be the living water of trees that give life to many sectors, especially the furniture and decoration industry, and to pay our debt to nature. ”

"We Received From Nature Back We Care" campaign by Turkey, Dubai, Serbia and Ukraine in stores made Turkey a sapling thorn Assortment of furniture for every purchase, seedlings are present in pots for customers who want to plant where expressed seedlings. On behalf of planted seedlings, Those who wish to convert to a moment certificates can request.