E-commerce does not recognize the obstacle!

E-commerce does not recognize the obstacle!
13 September 2018


Ideasoft and Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association, has launched a project to increase the participation of disabled people in the workforce.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - only 15% of the more than 5 million disabled people in Turkey working. 15 out of every 100 disabled people think they will not be given the job because of their disability. Leading e-commerce infrastructure provider ıdeasoft, with e-commerce through the objective of increasing the labor force participation rate in Turkey, students, and women now and then scored on a project for the disabled. Association of Turkey Spinal Cord Injury (TOFD) implemented in cooperation with the "E-no barrier to trade" within the scope's social responsibility project, the number will participate in the economy through 150 thousand in excess spinal paralysis e-commerce activities. Individuals with disabilities to be trained in the field of e-commerce will enable the sale of products produced within the association and they will be able to establish their own businesses in the long term with the experience they have acquired.

Within the scope of the trainings that will start on 17 September; Basic information about e-commerce such as theoretical knowledge, infrastructure requirements and design. Technical support such as payment systems, digital marketing, shipping and logistics will be provided with the support of Ideasoft, iyzico, EG Bilişim, UPS Kargo and Beykent University. After the trainings are completed, thanks to the e-commerce infrastructure donated by Ideasoft to TOFD, the association products will be sold online and revenue will be generated.

Ideasoft Board Chairman Seyhun Özkara stated that e-commerce like technology does not recognize any obstacles and continued as follows: With this project, we will contribute not only to the problems of disabled individuals but also to meet the needs of the sector. We will offer qualified employees to the employers while downloading jobs for disabled people. In the world of e-commerce, we want to see more people with disabilities. Therefore we call together do not interfere with E-commerce.

20 years for over impaired the lives of individuals said that they supported the active role in all areas of Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association President Ramazan head, "orthopedic handicapped individuals, adverse environmental conditions and financial problems thus can not receive education, can not participate in employment is a profession. As a result, he is isolated from social life. The steps we take with Ideasoft are very valuable for us, in order to produce some solution to these problems and to contribute to their situation. In the first phase, we will establish a fully equipped work force in the field of e-commerce with the trainings to be received by 16 disabled individuals.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

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