E-commerce seminars for SMEs started in cooperation with ITO and IdeaSoft

E-commerce seminars for SMEs started in cooperation with ITO and IdeaSoft
15 October 2019

In Turkey, e-commerce, which grows by 30% on average every year and has reached 60 billion liras, is only used by %2.5 of the businesses. IdeaSoft, which has started a new series of e-commerce seminars in cooperation with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), aims to encourage companies to step into e-commerce and minimize the obstacles to all small and large companies that are already engaged.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - IdeaSoft, which contributes to the development of the e-commerce ecosystem through its activities and seminars all over Turkey, has started a new series of e-commerce seminars in cooperation with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO). Experts in the field, e-commerce infrastructure, shipping, payment systems, legal processes, all topics covered in detail. The first one was held on October 7 and 300 people hosted the seminar Ideasoft Business Partners manager Eray Şentürk, e-commerce revenue in the ways to transfer to the participants, the only guide Business Development Manager Kerem Aktaş told about what was curious about search engine marketing. November October 21, November 11 and November 29 will continue the seminars.

“E-commerce is inevitable for SMEs to live!”

Stating that SMEs need to move their business to e-commerce in order to survive and grow, ITO Board Member Bahadır Yaşık said, özellikle Especially for SMEs to adapt to e-commerce, it is very important to maintain their own assets and increase their contributions to the national economy. In this context, we are pleased to partner with e-commerce seminars in order to support the strengthening of SMEs as the largest structure representing the business world in Istanbul, the heart of the economy. ”

65% of e-commerce purchases take place by credit card

According to the SME E-commerce Report, which is prepared regularly by IdeaSoft every year, 65% of the payments are made by credit card, 24% at the door and 8% by EFT/wire transfer. Iyzico Marketing Specialist Pamir Yanık, who will attend the second seminar on October 21 as a speaker, will convey details about virtual pos and new generation payment systems in e-commerce. Foriba Sales Manager Ali Bulut will talk about e-invoice applications that will facilitate billing processes for e-commerce sites.

Free shipping positively influences consumer's purchasing decision

In 2018, the rate of e-commerce sites offering free shipping increased by 11% and reached 49%. While e-commerce sites aim to stand out from the competition by paying the shipping charge, they also try to motivate consumers to purchase behavior with the free shipping option. Kazim Utangan, responsible for UPS Cargo Segment Marketing, who will explain all the details about domestic and international shipping processes at the seminar to be held on November 11th, will also inform IdeaSoft Legal Counsel Lawyer Aytaç Yavuz about the legal processes to be considered in e-commerce processes.

In the last seminar to be held on November 29th, the General Manager of Entegra Murat Dişkıran elaborated on the issue of making sales from e-market locations, while Levend Aktaş, the founder of, one of the successful e-commerce initiatives, told the story of ide Road to Success in E-commerce üzerinden through an exemplary success story. experience.

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