Turkish Students Find Jobs in the Best Companies in Canada and Ireland

Turkish Students Find Jobs in the Best Companies in Canada and Ireland
08 October 2019

Canada and Ireland stand out for education in terms of the work permit provided to Turkish students who have completed their higher education in their home countries and the level of companies in which Turkish students work. Turkish students can find jobs in these countries and work from 1 to 3 years and can apply Canada for an indefinite residence permit.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Regulating Turkey's most comprehensive education fairs Akare, researched the educational opportunities after working abroad. Accordingly, Canada and Ireland were the most prominent countries, especially in terms of the work permits it provided and the level of the companies in which Turkish students worked. Canada gives work and residence permits to students studying in their country, at least for the duration of their education. Students whose education period is more than two years are entitled to residence and work permit for 3 years after the education. In Ireland, it gives a one-year residence permit to graduating students and two years residence permit to graduate students. The right to work and residence permits do not include students studying foreign languages ​​in these countries.

“Ireland offers great opportunities in IT”

Stating that Ireland offers excellent opportunities, especially in the field of information technologies, Engin Kurtuluş said, “Facebook, Google, PayPal and Apple, more than 700 American information technology companies, including the European headquarters or the most significant investments in the United States are located in Ireland. Many foreigners work in these global companies. After training for students who want to work in the IT sector to gain experience in these companies, they returned to Turkey will provide significant benefits, "he said.

“Work permit can be extended in Canada”

Stating that it is possible to extend the work permit in Canada under the sponsorship of the workplace, Akare International Education Fairs Director Engin Kurtuluş said: "In addition to extending the work permit, an application for an indefinite residence permit may be made in Canada. Canada will accept one million new immigrants in the next three years. Those who are educated in Canada are more fortunate than other candidates at this point.” Engin Kurtuluş also stated that while studying, students can work in part-time jobs, and are allowed to work 20 hours a week in both Canada and Ireland.

Canadian and Irish schools are coming to Turkey for Turkish students in October!

The most preferred language schools, high schools, colleges and universities of Canada and Ireland are coming to Akare International Fairs. The first of the fairs, where students can direct all their questions about the education system, application conditions, life and work to school representatives, opens its doors in Istanbul on 12 October. Students and graduates of all ages can register for the international education fairs to be held in Ankara on 16 October and in İzmir on 18 October 2019 free of charge at

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