Free online e-commerce training starts

Free online e-commerce training starts
04 September 2019

Ideasoft and Beykent University organize Turkey's first free online e-commerce training for the expansion of the e-commerce sector, which increases its weight within the country's economy every year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Since 2017, Ideasoft has been organizing training in order to train certified e-commerce experts with the cooperation of universities and non-governmental organizations and now invites people from all walks of life to e-commerce. In the first half of 2019, 53 events held in 33 cities 4,500 participants e-stating that they introduce trade Ideasoft CEO Seyhan Özkara said, "The active 15,000 e-commerce sites already in Turkey offer approximately 7,000 e-commerce infrastructure support and the sector this size imposes some responsibilities on us. Besides activities by organizing four investors in Turkey, brought together businessmen and those who want to start e-commerce. We carry our training online with the academic support of Beykent University especially considering the need for qualified personnel in the sector. Free education for more people thanks to e-commerce introducing We want to contribute to the development of Turkey's economy."

All issues related to e-commerce are discussed in depth

The first of the e-commerce training, which was broadcast live online, took place last week. In Education, Turkey and the world of e-commerce trends, e-commerce infrastructure software and technical requirements, e-commerce site panels education, digital marketing and Internet advertising, payment systems and virtual POS, discussed many sectoral headings, namely and shipping and logistics. In the two-week online training, curious questions were asked instantly, and these questions were answered by experts. 183 people who fully participated in the first of the online e-commerce training and passed the exam at the end of the training were entitled to receive Ideasoft approved certificate from Beykent University Continuing Education Center. While there are no prerequisites for enrolling in e-commerce education, anyone can do so.

Industry-university cooperation is expanding: e-commerce mobilization in 81 provinces!

Seyhun Özkara stated that they have conducted training at Beykent University, Dokuz Eylül University, Uludağ University, Abant İzzet Baysal University, Yalova University and Dumlupınar University and that they aim to touch at least 1,000 more people with online training this year. and Digital Journey activities will continue in full swing. We are planning to organize more 48 cities in the new period. We aim to tell e-commerce enthusiasts through 93 events in 81 cities at the end of the year. Kul

“E-commerce is a new revenue gate for everyone”

Digitalization mania in all sectors, indicating that create a whole new revenue stream by reaching out to new markets Beykent University Dean of Students is Bhutan Serhat, "since 2008 as an alternative to common digital conversion for the solution to the economic crisis in the world, is rapidly developing in Turkey. E-commerce is closely following the development of the sector in Turkey and we train staff with training held in conjunction with Ideasoft. In order to support employment and create a workforce, we realized the best example of sector-university cooperation through online e-commerce training. We had the opportunity to reach more people in the training held using the platform of Beykent University. We are happy to be a part of the training organized. ”

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