English Learning Platform WEXT selected among to finalists of EdTechXGlobal 2019

English Learning Platform WEXT selected among to finalists of EdTechXGlobal 2019
08 August 2019

For the first time, a Turkish start-up has been selected as a finalist in the EdTechXGlobal All Stars Awards, which identifies the best online education initiatives of the global educational technology community, EdTechXGlobal. WEXT has been selected as the finalist by entering the top 20 among 250 participants in the Start Up category.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - EdTechX Europe 2019, the largest European summit, bringing together technology initiatives from around the world, took place in London last month. This year, the seventh summit, more than 900 global participants, more than 150 speakers took place and investments in educational technologies were discussed. The finalists and winners of the EdTechXGlobal All Stars Awards were also announced. artificial intelligence assisted English learning platform from Turkey WEXT, edtechxglobal awards among the top 20 finalists out of 250 attempts entering the Startup category.

8 billion educational technology expenditures will reach 341 billion dollars by 2025

The finalists of the EdTechX Global All Stars Awards, which bring together the pioneers of educational technologies, are presented by a global jury; factors such as revenue growth, growth rate, market transformation effect and innovation. WEXT Founder Ali Uzunyolcu, who stated that a Turkish initiative was among the finalists for the first time in EdTechXGlobal awards: We were selected as one of the top 20 education technology initiatives in the world with a personalized English learning method developed by combining Oxford University Press contents with artificial intelligence and increasing the number of users by 95% in 6 months. The current value of the EdTech (educational technology) sector is estimated at $ 8 billion, but the total amount spent on the sector in 2025 is estimated to reach $ 341 billion. These numbers increase our motivation. Senior investors from European and international educational technology companies; We were proud to be in the top 20 in this summit that brought together major educational platforms and universities such as Oxford, Pearson and Kaplan. ”

An agreement was signed with 35 educational institutions in Turkey

Launched in November 2018, WEXT said: birleştir By combining the Oxford University Press contents of Oxford University, one of the world's most established universities, with artificial intelligence; offers a new generation of personalized English learning method. Developed in cooperation with Turkish engineers and Sakarya University Teknokent, the platform creates more than 1000 different interactive lesson plans in accordance with the learning speed and format of the user through objective evaluations thanks to learning analytics after the level determination. Ali Uzunyolcu stated that they are involved in TUBITAK 1501 Industrial R & D Projects Support Program and said: “WEXT reached 20 thousand registered users without a year. Approximately 60% of the users took the artificial intelligence supported leveling exam. Apart from individual users, we are also preferred at different levels of public and private schools. This year, we made agreements with 35 educational institutions to use our platform. This means; We will support more than 30,000 new users in their English education. Although there is a 14-day free refund on the platform, it is almost non-existent. We are a candidate to become one of the language learning platforms that are opened to the international market with high user satisfaction and growth speed.,

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