Turkey’s First “Fusion Kitchen” approach for Beverages

Turkey’s First “Fusion Kitchen” approach for Beverages
15 May 2019

Tahini, cucumber, coconut, rocket, strawberry, mango... the first fusion kitchen approach for beverages in Turkey that brings different tastes to coffee, Unusual Coffees Atelier , opened its second branch in Istanbul Caddebostan.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - At the Olmadık Coffees Studio, which develops coffee recipes by focusing on the technology (mixing art) and focusing on creating new flavors, new coffee shops are set up to bring the original tastes to more people. After the adventure started in Ankara, Olmadık Coffees Studio, which started to serve in İstanbul Caddebostan İskele Street, brings together the tastes that cannot be found anywhere else with coffee lovers seeking alternative flavors.

"Preparing coffee recipes as it solves the math problem."

Unlike the third wave of coffee shops, acidity and flavors in the blends to work in order to avoid overlapping Olmadık Kahveler Founder A.Seçkin Canan, aksine We work as a kind of laboratory. As the math solves the problem, it develops on paper with the tables of acid and sugar ratios and then we start to practice. For this reason, not every fruit, every spice and every extract can be combined with coffee. This is true even for milk; we use 6 different milk for the right taste, each milk can not come side by side with each type of coffee. In fact, even the smallest changes in the proportion of the simplest products mixed with coffee, the taste of coffee is completely distorted.

By bringing the fusion kitchen approach to drinks, Olmadık Coffees Studio (Barista and gastronomy experts), 29 different coffee and 16 different coffees. Many aroma coffee from oak to local flavors, from rocket to strawberries meet with coffee. 3rd generation of innovative work by differentiating kahveciler have signed the Coffee Workshop Being in Turkey, it is among the pioneers of fusion approach beverages in Turkey.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55