The use of agricultural pesticides has increased by 29%, and will be controlled by the ministry through the datamatrix system.

The use of agricultural pesticides has increased by 29%, and will be controlled by the ministry through the datamatrix system.
10 May 2019

In Turkey, the use of pesticides has increased by 29% in the last 4 years. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry aims to terminate the illicit use of agricultural pesticides and under the counter production with the datamatrix monitoring system.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) based Informatics AG examining the data, pesticides amount for 1 acre of cropland in Turkey increased by 29% over the last four years has exceeded 2 kilograms. The unconscious use of drugs produced under the ladder is damaging to the efficiency of agricultural lands, the living life and underground waters. In order to follow the whole process from the production of pesticides to the farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was obliged to keep the data matrix in the package with the regulation in February. With the QR code system, it is aimed to prevent non-use and to ensure food security.

Pesticides must be checked for food safety.

2015 1 hectare of cultivated area in Turkey 1.63 weight when using pesticides, this figure has reached 2.1 kilos until AGE IT General Manager Emre Özden, "29% increase in the short time in pesticide use, such as 4 years, with regard to food security serious worries. We aim to control this increase with unconscious usage by means of the follow-up system based on the data matrix technology we offer la. The country used the most agricultural crops in the world for a hectare of 1 hectare with 32 kilograms of Bahamas, Costa Rica and Barbados 18 kilograms with the second and third place shared. The least pesticides were Niger, Tanzania and Côte d'Ivoire.

The sale of agricultural medicine without a QR code is forbidden!

With the new regulation, penal sanctions will be imposed on manufacturers who are introducing pesticides with no QR code, and to those who sell wholesale or retail. Emre Özden, General Manager of AGE Informatics, stated that they have carried out follow-up and monitoring operations for more than 100 pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to the machines we can design and personalize according to the structure of the factories, we offer an integrated solution. We contribute to grow healthy generations with the domestic technologies we produce.

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