Turkey’s first cloud service provider DorukNet, continues to invest!

Turkey’s first cloud service provider DorukNet, continues to invest!
08 April 2019

Turkey’s first cloud service provider DorukNet, continues to invest!

DorukNet, Turkey’s first cloud service provider, moved its cloud service platform to Flash Storage, which has been in data center until now. The new infrastructure investment help to reduce the processing times to microsecond levels and DorukNet began to offer its customers maximum speed, performance, and efficiency.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - With 26 years of experience in the IT industry, DorukNet, which provides data center services to more than 30 thousand corporate customers, has brought its cloud services platform to Flash Storage. Announcing Turkey's first internet service provider to the name in 1993 and over the Microsoft Hyper-V in 2011, offering the first cloud service services in Turkey DorukNet, every month brings more than 1 million people to the Internet in thousands of locations with Wispott brand of wireless Internet access platform.

Processing time drops to microsecond levels.

DorukNet General Manager Gökhan Erkman stated that they will meet the speed, performance and efficiency expectations of institutions with Flash Storage technology. Da By reducing the processing times to microseconds, we eliminate the problems of delay in data communication. We offer reliable, scalable solutions for high-performance applications such as big data processing and analytics, business intelligence, data mining, and more. Flash Storage provides 10 times more performance with 10% of the power consumption of conventional storage methods. It improves memory efficiency, optimizes memory usage in server-based data transfers and accelerates data flow. In addition to its performance advantage, Flash Storage provides a great benefit in terms of data security.

Geographic cloud service is expanding to Antalya with new investment.

With more than 45,000 domain names and more than 500,000 email accounts, DorukNet is preparing to expand its cloud infrastructure to the Disaster Recovery Center that it established in Antalya in 1998, from the second half of 2019. Located in the relevant assessment DorukNet General Manager Jennifer Erkmen, "We are proud to implement the first in Turkey as DorukNet. In early March, we moved our cloud platform to Flash Storage. In the second half of the year, we will start to provide cloud service at a geographic level that will further increase our service continuity. In this context, we started to expand our cloud platform to Antalya.

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