Universities are expected to be more active in online education!

Universities are expected to be more active in online education!
19 March 2019

Universities are expected to be more active in online education!

According to TurkStat data, non-formal education participation rate in Turkey, including online education rose to 16.8%. The rate of participation in formal education was 9.4%. 64% of individuals in the 18-34 age group who are looking for online education, want to benefit from the educational programs offered by an official education institution, as they remove physical limits and save time.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - New technologies have begun to change traditional education methods as well as many areas. TSI According to information Online Campus examine the data to compile formal education participation rate of the population aged 18 and over in Turkey to 16.8%, while the participation rate rose to 9.4% in formal education. With a rate of 55%, individuals in the 18-34 age group, who see the internet as the main source of access to information, begin to focus on online education options, while 64% of those who want to study online want to benefit from the options offered by an official education institution. Following this trend, Campus Online, which has more than 150,000 registered members, collects certified online trainings of universities as part of an official protocol with more than 30 institutions including TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. .

Vehicle digital certificate programs leading universities in Turkey.

The successful ones who have completed their education at, which offers more than 200 education and certificate programs from more than 30 universities to arts, from marketing to finance, are also eligible for university approved certificates. Campus Online Project Manager Erhan Özdemir stated that they have been operating since 2011. eğitim We have set up online education as an online campus that can be used by everyone in the scope of lifelong learning. Today, Turkey is the only platformuz and universities offering online education quality in the Middle East countries. Thanks to the flexibility when developing their CVs by removing physical barriers for people who want to quit to take up the career ladder rapidly approved one of the hundreds of education of Turkey's leading universities able to obtain the certificate, "he said.

Online MBA Certificate Program from TOBB ETU

Because of the flexibility of time, it is seen that the most participants in non-formal education including online education are those who work in a job with 27.5%, while 61.9% of those attending the training are işte doing their job better by supporting their career Zaman. While the global online education market, which has a size of 165 billion dollars in 2016, is expected to exceed the $ 250 billion limit in 2022, the most preferred graduate education programs worldwide include MBA (Business Management) programs. Known for its close proximity to the business world, TOBB Economics and Technology University Continuing Education Center and offer the Mini MBA Certificate Program to those who want to gain managerial skills in a short time. In order to qualify for the certificate at the end of the program, it is necessary to be successful in the online exam. The success and attendance of the participants can be followed by the university via Campus Online system.

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