Turkey’s leading online comparison platforms and have joined forces

Turkey’s leading online comparison platforms and have joined forces
18 March 2019

Turkey's leading online comparison platforms and have joined forces

Online insurance sales platform and the financial comparison platform merged as of March 2019. With the merger, 40 banks and insurance companies meet in the same infrastructure to serve approximately 4 million users each month.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The CEO of, Bradley Du Chenne, who will serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new company, said in a statement about the merger:) is a successful business partnership that has been using its own platform for different companies working in different fields and having a wide distribution network for years. I walked. When we set off with a similar partnership, we realized that working closely with would be more advantageous for both companies. When the insurance sales of, a highly successful platform with a high number of visitors, are strengthened by the infrastructure, exciting opportunities will emerge. will be able to expand its capacity by taking advantage of the strong insurance company agreements that has established over the years. We believe that the two teams will work very well in synergy. İki Founding Partner and the new company's CEO Ömer Paksoy bringing the field of finance leaders comparison platforms in Turkey together a merger, he talked about the importance for Turkish consumers: "Our customers the most favorable loan and insurance products to achieve the fastest way, I 's credit infrastructure and' s insurance infrastructure. We increased our experience by bringing together two expert teams. We plan to expand our coverage area by integrating all bank and insurance companies in the coming period. Ön Founding Partner of Honor Tekinturh also stressed that they will use the Turkish consumer finance market through this merger brought to Turkey to develop applications that will increase the level of financial literacy. Tekinturhan continued his words as follows:: We believe in the importance of transparency in order for the consumer to make the right financial decisions and to reach the desired products at the most affordable prices. With the infrastructure we offer and the trust we create, we mediate the loan application of hundreds of thousands of users each month. In the coming period, we will expand our educational content and calculation tools to cover insurance products. Ön

About is a free website and mobile application that individuals can use for research, comparison and reference when looking for credit and insurance. It enables its customers to reach the most up-to-date and advantageous offers of banks and insurance companies in a single location, to get quick results and to make the right financial decisions. was founded in 2010 by experienced Turkish entrepreneurs in the financial sector. First, the Italian market leader MutuiOnline was founded and the Netherlands-based NN Group, which serves 17 million customers in 18 countries, is among the investors. I of Turkey between the years 2011-2013 by TOBB 7th fastest growing company selected; Deloitte ranked among the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Turkey in 2013-2016. aims to increase the financial literacy of the society by making credit and insurance products more transparent and thus aims to be the first stop of those seeking credit and insurance information.


Bhl'n the (Budget Holdings Limited) is a company that conducts its operations in Turkey. BHL along with Turkey, South Africa, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Thailand and continues its activities in China.

BHL group with 30 years of insurance experience in the area of ​​price comparison as one of the leading companies in this field in the world in my United Kingdom, South Africa to, from Thailand to and in Turkey operates with. The Group also has Auto & General ( in Australia and Auto & General ( in South Africa,,, and As the owner of insurance companies, ZA takes its place in the international insurance sector.

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