"Sustainability is only possible with new technologies"

06 March 2019

"Sustainability is only possible with new technologies"
Increased population worldwide and rapid depletion of resources pose a great threat to future generations.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to United Nations (UN) data, misuse of natural resources poses a great threat to the future of humanity. In the absence of precaution, by the year 2050, one in every 4 people is expected to face water scarcity, while the environmental problems caused by inefficiency of resources will cause 795 million people to fight against hunger. Measures need to be taken in many processes, from environment to energy, from economy to business, from consumption to production. Univera, which enables the institutions to use their resources efficiently during the production and distribution stages with the sustainable technologies it offers, will process the sustainability theme on Univera Technology Day which will be held on April 25th.

Ası New technologies are needed to protect ecosystems

Univera General Manager Cüneyt Ersin stated that problems arising from the non-use of resources such as environmental pollution, thirst and food waste and the problems that threaten the future of the world can be prevented by the use of sustainable technologies. ‘Technology is of great importance in order to protect the needs of future generations from the, source en and at least live in the same conditions as us. Gelecek Ersin underlined that the business world is also responsible for the more efficient use of resources. In this way, from manpower to raw material, from product to time, we offer solutions that will make all resources more efficient. Bu

Univera Technology Day This Year's Theme Sustainable Technologies

Univera Technology Day (UTG), where today's and future technologies will be discussed, will host about 300 professionals from fast-moving, retail, automotive, health, construction and other sectors. Cem Seymen will attend the event to be held on April 25th at Elite World Asia Hotel. This year, UTG, which will focus on liği integrated ecosystems ay and ay sustainability Bu, will host many institutions' success stories and experiences on digitalization. Turkey's 500 largest service exporter of the top 10 logistics technology located and Europe between the event organized by Univera shown in the company, which is critical manufacturing for all companies, sales, logistics and distribution processes of debate, institutions will be told what they faced in the digitization process .

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