Charging issue is going on in the near future!

Charging issue is going on in the near future!
25 January 2019

Charging issue is going on in the near future!

One of the most important obstacles to today's technologies, the battery and charging problem is resolved recently. Canadian technology company CVMR has developed an important R & D work by producing magnesium-based rechargeable batteries that store 5 times more energy than lithium batteries thanks to the new battery technology. describing the company would spread quickly with this new battery technology for electric vehicles, began negotiations with the automobile and battery manufacturers to invest in Turkey.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries that we use in most of our daily life are insufficient due to increasing energy consumption with the rapid development of technology. We are looking for batteries that can be charged quickly and store more energy for many portable electronic devices, from smartphones to computers, electric cars, to music players. The Canadian technology company a CVMR Energy Metals magnezyum has produced an alternative solution for many of us as a result of the research that has been carried out over the past 8 years, and has announced an important invention using magnesium as the anode in rechargeable batteries. Thanks to the new battery technology developed, CVMR produces magnesium based rechargeable batteries that store 5 times more energy than lithium ion batteries. Thus, the biggest obstacle to the commercialization of magnesium batteries was lifted. Our investment network in the country to add CVMR, began negotiations with the existing automobile and battery manufacturers to build a battery manufacturing plant in Turkey.

Magnesium-based batteries can be used in electric cars in 2 years.

Speaking at a press conference in Los Angeles, CEO and CEO of CVMR Kamran M. Khozan said, “Magnesium-based batteries have the most important advantage of being able to store up to 5 times more energy than lithium batteries of the same size. For this new invention, we have four patent applications pending at the American Patent Institute. We aim to commercialize new batteries in the next 2 years. By placing more energy on smaller batteries than lithium batteries will accelerate the rapid expansion of electric vehicles. We expect the main markets of magnesium rechargeable batteries to be in North America, European Union countries, China and India with all locations where electric cars can be produced. Magn Kamran M. Khozan is also looking for an alternative to lithium-based rechargeable batteries for years to come, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), Ann Arbor Toyota Research Institute, and the US Department of Energy's Joint Energy Storage Research Center. He said that he had succeeded in signing this invention.

Magnesium-based solid electrolyte ensures safer batteries

Although non-rechargeable magnesium batteries were already produced, CVMR researchers were able to produce rechargeable magnesium batteries using highly efficient solid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte used in lithium batteries with the battery technology they developed. CVMR, one of the largest reserves of vanadium in Africa, says that vanadium, manganese and transition metals are the most suitable cathodes for magnesium batteries.

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