Children will learn by doing science, living and questioning!

Children will learn by doing science, living and questioning!
15 January 2019

Children will learn by doing science, living and questioning!

According to the international PISA test, students in Turkey science, remains below the OECD average in reading and mathematics. The way to increase the quality of education in our country is through learning by making, living and questioning children.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The World Economic Forum released "by the Education Quality 2018" report, despite the fact that Turkey achieved significant improvements in education lags behind many countries. Turkey in queue 77. In 2008, 137 countries in the quality of education by 2018, as 99 percent. Switzerland's first and last place in the list of Yemen where, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, countries like Iran and Pakistan was ranked ahead of Turkey. Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) by a made 3 years and 15 years of age assess students' knowledge and skills in groups according to the PISA test, students of science in Turkey, stayed below the reading and mathematics in OECD average. the social initiatives with the aim of contributing to improving the quality of education in Turkey BİLİMİX, 1 year after the development process of doing science in the 7-12 age range of children living and learning by allowing questioned by producing activity sets.

Having set out with the vision of becoming a ST science factory iyle aiming to reveal the scientist inside the children, BİLİMİX laid the foundation of scientific knowledge in children with the STEM activity sets it developed. The set of events that adopt the STEM education approach, which includes the applications of four key disciplines such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, offers children the opportunity to develop practical discovery, critical thinking, estimation and problem solving skills.

To design the future by doing, experiencing and questioning by advocating learning BILIMIX, mak BİLİMİX | With its social responsibility project called uyan Social iyor, it aims to encourage science not only to those who have material means but also to students who are studying in village schools with limited facilities. With every activity set purchased from BİLİMİX, it enables children in need to meet with science.

The science factory produces hope for the future!

As a child of an educator family, the foundation of the project by Güray Gürsönmez, who believes that the difficulties of our country will be overcome by directing children to science, is being laid. While the kids recognize the magnets with the Magnetic Car set and discover that they have poles, the Motor Airplane or the Mini Cleaning Robot learns how energy is transformed. Children who have the ability to assemble sequentially with these activities experience a learning experience that nourishes their curiosity and nurtures their tendency to discover.

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