itelligence’s new agency was mad Unsolved Projects It.

itelligence’s new agency was mad Unsolved Projects It.
08 December 2016


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ISTANBUL (TR)  - The world’s most successful SAP consulting company itelligence, for their activities in Turkey, we chose Projects Being as communication partner. itelligence; In addition to corporate and digital communications, he will work with Non-Absolute Projects in strategy design, project development and implementation in the areas of direct marketing communications.


Itelligence AG, one of the largest international business partners in the SAP ecosystem, is a world-leading software company in the field of business applications, founded in 1989 in Germany. It has more than 5 thousand employees in 24 countries. Since 2007, the third largest telecom company in the world, NTT DATA continues to operate. Consulting, system development and integration, licensing, outsourcing and services, cloud technology, application management makes it easier for customers to complex business processes. In 2000, itelligence services by carrying on Turkey; So far, it has realized nearly 500 SAP projects in more than 50 countries and developed long-term business partnerships in 19 different industries. itelligence last 3 years has grown 3.5 times in Turkey.

Unusuial Enterprise

The companies that are the solution partner of Olmadık Projects, which has made initiatives with the understanding of human intelligence as a service, transformed the human competencies into service. , Clonera and SineMasal. F Projects that work as a physical social network; As a SaaS project,, the press release distribution service, launched the platform, Unpaid Shop, which brings together the unique Search Engine and the unique designers who turn the internet calls into a donation as a PaaS project. Balat, a door is open to anyone who "shared workspace" team operating in Turkey's first cloud office also signed a partnership with clevvermail.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55