Abroad 5 Open 20 Stores in Domestic​​

Abroad 5 Open 20 Stores in Domestic​​
26 April 2017

Abroad 5 Open 20 Stores in Domestic​​ 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's leading brand design products and souvenirs Design It departs stores attacks at home and abroad. brand with 47 stores across Turkey, Turkey in 2017 at 20, while abroad, plans to open five stores. Designer hot selling side in 20 years this monthly turnover operating in Turkey has reached 3 million. The countries that Bun Design targets abroad are Germany, USA, Switzerland, K.K.T.C., Azerbaijan and Russia.

Souvenirs, accessories, furniture and other product groups offering services to consumers in approximately 40 thousand kinds of products in this store Design, Turkey aims to increase the number of dealers and together with the general growth in the near geography. The number of supporting brands such as personnel selection, product training, quality control, promotion, location selection, purchasing, location based customer orientation, and the cost of the store together with the turn-key products are approximately 75.000 TL and 120.000 TL.

The brand that integrates the dealership system with the online sales operation gives its dealers the opportunity to generate revenue from online sales. Cüneyt Gazioğlu, who is responsible for the dealership and the brand, stated that the dealers who prefer the Bun Design brand do not only invest in stores. In this context, the customer made sales on the site before the customer does not shop on, the dealer is directed to the relevant dealer according to the region by the customer. Thus, we are making our dealers both e-commerce and physical store investors. 

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