Ideasoft and Beykent University will train e-commerce experts!​

Ideasoft and Beykent University will train e-commerce experts!​
28 September 2017

Ideasoft and Beykent University will train e-commerce experts!​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider with ıdeasoft Beykent University, in order to provide qualified human resources in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, "E-commerce Specialist Certification Program" is holding. 4 September 30 will be held between November 2017 and will last for 6 weeks on Saturdays programs, e-commerce in the private sector in Turkey - would be the first example of cooperation between universities. The courses in the certificate program, which will provide all the qualifications required by an e-commerce expert, will be taught by experienced managers of IdeaSoft and its partners. Thanks to the program, which will be considered as an exemplary application of the companies that have achieved success in e-commerce, employers can reach qualified employees, and those who want to specialize in e-commerce will find easier jobs. Those who successfully complete the program will be entitled to receive oft E-commerce Expert Certificate Ideas approved by Ideasoft and Beykent University. Participation to the certificate program prepared specially for Beykent University students and graduates is free.

In Turkey, indicating that the internet and mobile e-commerce ecosystem with an increase in the utilization rate of the unabated grow ıdeasoft Founding Partner Hardworking Conqueror, "Turkey's 50 billion dollars, e-trade, technical details of the judge and multidisciplinary work knows e-commerce professionals need to also brings with it. Ideasoft as the e-commerce sector in Turkey we are the reliable partner in the field of e-commerce business for more than 50% market share by 6000. In this context, the yap E-commerce Expertise Certificate Program Bey for Beykent University students and graduates in order to train qualified workforce; teknik It covers a very broad framework from e-commerce requirements to user experience, from digital marketing to payment methods, from logistics to legal processes. ”

“E-Commerce Expertise Certificate Program”
Applied technical infrastructure requirements
UX in applied e-commerce
Market selection, procurement, product
Digital marketing (Google, social media, SEO)
Payment systems and logistics
Legal dimension in e-commerce

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

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