The closest friend of makeup bags: Are you ready for close-up?

The closest  friend of makeup bags: Are you ready for close-up?
02 January 2018

The closest  friend of makeup bags: Are you ready for close-up? 

Knock Knock, set out with the desire to add humor, function, order and aesthetics to daily life, becomes the best friend of women in makeup bags with its humor and colorful mirrors. The fun words on the lid of the mirrors are combined with those found in the lower section when the lid is opened, giving humorous messages to its users.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Thus, “Are you ready for close-up?” Or “Self-confidence sözler with words such as makeup, retouching or sometimes just want to see the beauty of the face makes you smile. Mirrors that stand out with their bright, shiny and long-lasting acrylic cover; In addition to being small and portable, it also provides ease of use with its normal and magnifying mirror.

Knock Knock makeup mirrors are offered for sale at from 35,69 TL. Turkey's most comprehensive stationery e-commerce site is located between the shoppers can take advantage of the Hopi and BKM Express campaign.

Contact : Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55