How to use special days as marketing opportunities?

Special days and holidays are used as a way of differentiation in communication and marketing opportunities. Special days and occasions such as World Animal Day or World Water Day allow brands to differentiate themselves by creating shared values ​​with their target audience. The most effective way to appear and increase visibility on the media for an effective special day communication is sending a press release.

The primary goal of a brand is to reach customers and attract their attention. Basic elements to create an interest in brands include common values ​​to be shared with the target audience. At this point, special day communication appears as an important strategy. So, what is special day communication? We have discussed the answer to this question in our blog post for you.

Communication studies are essential for brands both to improve awareness and speed up the image creation process. A strategic approach should be adopted to carry out brand communication activities that shape around engagement, consistency and compliance factors. Regardless of how good the brand is at the products and services, it would still start to lose its brand value if it is weak in communication activities conducted towards the customers. For this reason, brands that survive under ever-increasingly competitive conditions need to differentiate in communication activities in order to build customer loyalty. 

For customer loyalty, the main objective is to attract the target group’s interest. However, interest is not sufficient alone, especially in customer loyalty. In order to establish brand loyalty and make the customer part of the mass permanently, it is necessary to connect with the target group. At this point, sharing common emotions and values plays an important role. Country-specific religious holidays and national days such as Republic Day, and globally-celebrated special days such as Teachers’ Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day and World Animal Day are critical touchpoints that offer the opportunity to interact with the target group. Specific communication activities carried out for these days are called special day communication. 

What are the benefits of special day communication?

1- Emotional bond 

People want to remember and be remembered on special days. This also applies when it comes to the consumer mass of a brand. Consumers build strong emotional bonds and connect with the brands that understand their feelings, remember themselves, look after their sensitivities and share their important values, and keep such brands in their minds. This way, a brand becomes a source that the consumers interact with, feel close to and appreciate, rather than being a brand that just provides products and services to its target group. At this point, messages for the special days must be well-structured in line with the expectations of the target group so that the brand can stand out.

2- Image, awareness and recognition

In the age of technology, online platforms allow consumers to express their feelings and thoughts about brands, and to interact with them. This helps brands to see the effects of their communication activities on their target audience more clearly and easily. One of the clearest examples of this situation is that consumers share the special day communication activities and posts of the brands that they feel close to through various platforms. Brands that have a broad repercussion in online channels with special day communications increase their brand recognition and awareness by reaching not only to the current consumers but also to a much wider mass. If people talk about the special day communication activities of a brand for a long time and remember such memories, the brand reinforces its positive image in the mind of the target group.

3- Competitiveness  

Special day communication also plays a significant role in the differentiation of brands from their competitors. In order to make a difference and stick in the mind of consumers, brands should not remain silent on the dates when competitors make special day communications but stand out with effective works. At this point, it is important to monitor the competitors' activities conducted on special days and examine their approaches in order to develop a more effective communication strategy.

4 - Message reinforcement

The greatest benefit of special day communications to brands is to reinforce the messages regarding the fields of activity and objectives. For example, a furniture company that uses trees as raw material and therefore adopts planting 100 trees per year as corporate responsibility, makes a special day communication on the International Day of Forests to remind its works and embrace an area of ​​nature. In this way, it strengthens its eco-friendly image and reinforces its place in memories.

Advantages of sending a press release in special day communications 

The ultimate goal of special day communication is to attract the target group's attention and provide the brand with the above-mentioned benefits. Effective special day communication requires appearance on media while an appearance on media requires press release distribution. Press releases, which help with the establishment of good relations with the press and announcement of the brand and its activities to the target group, are the most effective means of creating image and reputation. Press releases play a critical role in announcing the corporate social responsibility projects to be handled within the scope of the special day, or the day-specific commercial films and shopping opportunities.

Points to consider in press releases

  • Special days must be included in the press communication plan of a brand. This helps to plan the approach and strategy to be adopted by the brand in advance.
  • Press releases to be prepared within the scope of special day communications must be newsworthy. 
  • Content of a press release should be interesting and different from the works that focus on the same special day.
  • Timing is an important dynamic in sending press releases. It is crucial in terms of the efficiency of the activity that press releases prepared for special days are sent to the relevant journalists and publications with appropriate timing. Therefore, press releases should be distributed 2 or 15 days prior to the respective special day.
  • Press releases must be qualitatively strong to make a difference in special day communications. Since the press releases also target potential customers, it is very important to plan the content professionally. 


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